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How to use Ravelry’s Stash Feature

This post was originally published 5/21/2012… but 4 years later, this is still some of my best advice! Follow these steps to get your stash organized!
amazing tutorial for using stash on Ravelry... go read these tips!
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If you’re a Ravelry-user, you’ve probably seen the ‘Stash’ button (underneath ‘my notebook’)… but do you use it?

You should! In this post, I’ll tell you why I love storing my Stash on Ravelry, and I’ll walk you through the basics of how to use it. Just put in a bit of time up front, and you’ll have a super-organized stash that your yarny-friends will be envious of!

Reasons to Use Ravelry’s Stash

Why should you go through all of the work of uploading your yarns into the Ravelry database? Seems like a lot of trouble, huh?

Here are a few reasons why I think it’s worth your while:

  • No matter how large your stash is, storing it in Ravelry’s online database makes it easy to sort and search… no more digging through tubs in your basement to see if you have any pink laceweight yarn.
  • The stash is integrated into other features on Ravelry, meaning you can search through patterns based on what’s in your current stash.
  • When it’s time to do spring-cleaning, it’s easy to list your undesired yarn stock as ‘for sale/trade’.

The Basics of Putting your Stash on Ravlery

Let’s start at the start. Under ‘My Notebook’, click on ‘Stash’:

You’ll go straight to your Stash Page (yours will be empty if you haven’t added anything yet, but I’ve got yarns in mine!):

Have a yarn you want to add? Click the ‘Add New Yarn’ button and add whatever information you’d like. I like to put a picture in, but that’s not necessary. To get the best use of the stash feature, be sure to enter the name of the yarn, number of skeins you have and color.

How to Search through your Stash

Okay, so you’ve uploaded the yarns that you have… how do you search through them? Easy-peasy!

Let’s look at our main screen, again:

Look to the right of the ‘Add New Yarn’ button… that’s where you do your searching! You can search by ‘Date Acquired, ‘Yarn Weight’ (i.e. do you have any bulky-weight yarn?) or ‘Fiber’.

Let’s say I’m trying to find out if I have any yarns that contain cotton… I just select ‘Contains Cotton’ from the ‘Fiber’ drop-down menu:

Looks like I have 4! When I click on that selection, those yarns come up on my screen and I can browse them for further info.

Searching Patterns with your Stash in mind

Now, we’ve all done the search for patterns… but did you know that you can restrict your search to patterns that you already have the yarn for?!? Talk about a time-saver!

To do this, you’ll need to click ‘Pattern Browser & Advanced Search’:

Here, you can enter lots of criteria… but what’s important to us is restricting your search to yarns you have in your stash.

Scroll down, looking on the left, until you see the ‘My Notebook’ header. Click ‘Yarns in my Stash’, and the search will bring up all of the patterns you can make!

Isn’t that great?

Using your Stash in your Projects

Once you’re using the Stash feature, you’ll want to keep it up-to-date. So, when you start a new project, make use of the ‘use stash yarn’ option:

Doing this does 2 things:

  • It automatically updates the amount of yarn in your stash
  • It lists detailed information about your yarn (color, dye lot, purchase date) in your project

Listing your Yarn for Sale/Trade

Sometimes, you’re looking to clean out your yarn stash. No problem! It’s easy to list your yarn for sale to other Ravelry-users. Edit the information about your particular yarn, and select ‘Will Trade or Sell’:

If you want added exposure, share your yarn with some groups where you think people may be interested.

Get Started!

Are you encouraged to list your stash online, yet?

Those of you who have giant stashes, here’s one more helpful bit of information:

See that line next to my cursor? You can use the ‘Stored In’ line to add information about where a particular skein is stored (i.e. the blue storage tub under the guest bed) in real life!

Happy organizing!


  1. Fatima Rosales Naya SAYS...

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I’ll try and get organised soon. It really is a wonderful feature and I must get into the habit of using it. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this awesome blog! I tried to list my yarn in there once and got overwelmed with it. This helped me a lot and I will definitely start keeping it up to date! Thank you so much!

  3. It does seem useful. But I haven’t put in the time yet to make – I think I have 10 skeins in there instead of millions, which is what I own :).

  4. Pat Kopaz SAYS...

    Great blog. Thanks for the spring cleaning nudge.

  5. I will do this, I will, I will! I just have so many single skeins, and use parts of the sporadically, that I’ve been dragging my heels.

  6. I don’t know what I would I do without the stash feature! They really designed it well.

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  9. Joyce Armstrong SAYS...

    I have one on my phone I wanted to use. But its so much easier to type on computer. Can this be brought up on your phone? That would be great when you’re out shopping.

    I just had foot surgery, so if I hobble up to my pink room, I can do this! It would be awesome! Thanks. (Although I swore I’d go through paperwork to sort out the junk), lol

    • Hi Joyce!
      I think you can bring Ravelry up on your phone… but it doesn’t have a special app yet, so you’ll be browsing it on the regular internet browser. An app would be great 🙂

      • JoYce Armstrong SAYS...

        Oh good. Another excuse to not do the paperwork:)

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  11. JoYce Armstrong SAYS...

    I started using this feature, and is already been , though I don’t know if ilk ever get it all in:) I didn’t understand some of the terms though. Like ”colorway”. is it just color? And later looking up a pattern, it came up again, and I’m just not sure what they want there? And putting it in Ralverys database. Is it just so u can pull up the yarn info? Or are u listing it for sale? I’m always afraid to click things if I don’t know exactly what that will do. Thx

    • @Joyce: Colorway means the color number… so a yarn may have a number like ‘817 Teal’.
      When you list your own yarn, it means that others can see it, but you aren’t listing it for sale unless you explicitly list it as ‘for sale’. Mostly, listing a yarn is so you can keep track of it, and I suppose, share pretty photos if you want 🙂

  12. JoYce Armstrong SAYS...

    Ok, thanks. I never would have figured to put the color #.

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  16. Lori SAYS...

    Hello, and thanks for your suggestions on how to use Ravelry’s Stash feature. I found this page after googling, “How to use the Stash feature.” You’ve cleared some things up for me, but I do have some questions.

    When adding a yarn from lets say, I project I just finished, I have a part of a skein left. I’m not sure how much, but it is more than half the skein. How do I tell how much I have left? I want to be able to be consistent in what units of measurement I use, but I’m not sure which one to use.

    Anyways, that is my first question.

    • To determine how much of a skein you have left, you would want to weigh it, and calculate the percentage of the original weight (using the ball band). For example, if you have 1 oz left, and the skein was originally 3.5 oz, then you’ve used .7 of the skein.

      It doesn’t really matter if you use grams or ounces, since the percentage will be the same either way.

      • Lori SAYS...

        Thanks, that info is sure going to help. Next question.

        When beginning a project, and in the description of that project where it allows you to say you are using stashed yarn, with Ravelery and/or the project, automatically deduct the amount of yarn called for in the pattern from the stashed amount? Or, how does it work? This probably the part I am most confused on.

        Thanks for your help.


        • Yes, Ravelry does deduct that amount of yarn. However, once you finish a skein, you’ll have to go into your stash and change the status to ‘all used up’ (even though it says ‘0 left’ if that’s important to you.

          • Lori SAYS...


  17. This was VERY helpful. I’ve avoided doing it out of laziness (but I have all 211 of my sewing patterns catalogued online and LOVE it).

    I didn’t realize you could utilize the site so completely just by having the stash updated.

    That’s a great project for me to pay my 15 year old to do! 🙂

  18. Linda SAYS...

    Thanks so much for this. I have all sorts in my stash, somewhat sorted into like kinds but it’s a pain trawling through it all the time, and now that I’m spinning too, I need to be able to find patterns for my handspun. So I’m definitely going to put the time in and get myself organised, and your presentation of how it’s done makes it seem doable, workable and worthwhile. 🙂

  19. Judith SAYS...

    I just ran across this blog that was written several years ago and I loved it. I go to Ravelry often but never used it to store information, other than saving patterns that I liked. Basically, I did’t know how to use it. This article was so helpful. Thank you!!

  20. Guadalupe Fulmer SAYS...

    Thank you for sharing what it is, how to use it and possibly clean out my stash.

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  22. Kristin Fjermestad SAYS...

    Thank you for this! I’m trying to add stash on my phone, as I go through, but have hit some snags.. I add a photo but it won’t show when I go to the overview, nor can I add a title.. sound familiar? I can always use my computer but it’ll take more time 🙈

  23. Claudi SAYS...

    Hello, thank you that was a really useful bit of information. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Kim SAYS...

    I only have a few yarns in my stash and when I use the search for patterns according to my stash it comes up as nothing found . I find it really hard to believe that there is nothing on Ravelry that I can make with my stash ! Am I doing something wrong?

  25. Janet S Wlodarczak SAYS...

    I need two balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze Trio, 795 Blackthorne to complete a cardigan. Does anyone have this yarn available to sell?
    Does anyone know how I can ask this question of all those who have the yarn in their stashes but indicate it’s not for sale. I’d like to see if they would sell at this point in time.

    Thank you.

  26. Christy SAYS...

    When you stash your yarn you have the option to add in the cost. Do you put in the price per skein if you are stashing multiples?

  27. Mariette Smith SAYS...

    If I find a stash of yarn that I have been looking for and it is for sale, how do I buy it?
    I have tried but it never works.
    Thank you.

  28. Heather Hutchins SAYS...

    THANKS so much! This info is still useful in 2020, as I’m staying home and knitting. I promised I would “clean out” my stash, and you have given me the means to do so.

  29. I love the stash area on ravelry but I wish I could see grams of yarn remaining not ounces. Any idea how to see grams?

  30. How does one get the stashed yarn to show as grams not ounces?

    • Karen Harvey SAYS...

      On the picture it says ounces or metres or whatever on the bottom. Click on the arrow on the right and it will change – keep going until you find grams. 🙂

  31. Betty S Mishkin SAYS...

    How do you enter additional skeins of same yarn but different colors?

  32. S Hya SAYS...

    Frustrating that, once you mark a skein as “will trade or sell”, it ceases to display alongside other yarns in your stash. Sometimes I’m interested in doing whichever comes first–selling OR using the yarn.