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FreshStitches + Shiny Happy World = One Awesome Crafty Resource!

If you’ve been in the Shiny Happy People group last night or this morning, you’ve gotten a sneak peek at some really big news.

Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches are joining forces to become one awesome crafty resource!

Let me back up a little. . .

When I started Shiny Happy World, I deliberately gave it a name that didn’t reference any particular craft because I play around with a lot of different ones – and I wanted to keep that arena wide open.

Stacey did the same thing when she started FreshStitches. She immediately became famous for her crocheted stuffed animals and ended up specializing in that, but in the background she’s always made softies, done a lot of knitting, some embroidery – and she’s currently working on a gorgeous EPP quilt.

Stacey and I met online and we’ve been friends for years now, and we’ve even collaborated on a few projects. It was time to bring our worlds together in an official way. 🙂

Before I get into the nitty gritty details of what that means for you, let me tell you a little bit more about Stacey.

Stacey Trock - the gal behind FreshStitchesLike me – Stacey is fond of rainbows and cuteness. 🙂

Also like me – she has always specialized in designs that are accessible to beginners.

She’s an amazing teacher and pattern designer!

I’ve been crocheting all my life. Really. I actually don’t remember learning. It’s just something I’ve been able to do forever. But I didn’t do anything fancy. I knew how to single, double, and triple crochet and how to do things like scallop borders – but I never learned to read a pattern and I only crocheted things like scarves and blankets.

Stacey taught me How to Crochet Things That Are Not Flat and it opened up a whole new world!

I started with her hat class on Craftsy. I have a big head and I can never wear store-bought hats. They dig a groove in my forehead and give me headaches. 🙁 Stacey’s class taught me how crazy easy it is to crochet in the round – and make a hat to fit my enormous head.

Once I learned how easy it is to crochet in the round, of course I had to try to make some stuffed animals that way. 🙂 Once again – Stacey’s Craftsy classes showed me the way!

(If you want to jump right in to learning to crochet – you can find all those classes that I learned from here – in the new Crochet Patterns section of Shiny Happy World.)

So – what does this grand alliance mean to you?


Seriously. We’re not taking anything away from either group, but we will be bringing the best of each group to the other.

For example – Shiny Happy World has an amazing Facebook group full of incredibly warm, supportive, enthusiastic and positive Shiny Happy People. FreshStitches will be joining us there. In fact – they’re already joining up! There’s a post pinned to the top of the page inviting everyone – newcomers and existing residents – to introduce themselves. Pop on over to the group and give them a warm welcome!

FreshStitches does really fun CALs (crochet-alongs) and we’re going to be bringing some of that fun into the other crafts already here at Shiny Happy World. They just started a Christmas CAL and we’re expanding that to be a Christmas Craft-Along. Make any Christmas (or holiday or winter – whatever this season means to you) pattern from either Shiny Happy World OR FreshStitches and enter to win. There are prizes! You’ll see a new post next week – pinned to the top of the Shiny Happy People group – for you to show Works in Progress on that. I’ll announce it in the newsletter too.

We’re moving the FreshStitches shop into the Shiny Happy World shop as soon as that inventory arrives at my house and I can get it added. You guys! Wait until you see the awesome fun eyes! There are big googly comic eyes!

In short – the transition should be pretty seamless for all of you. You’ll just start to see more crochet awesomeness popping up on the website and the Facebook group!

FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

What a great way to start 2018!

Happy crafting!

Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World