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New Bunny Applique Pattern

four bunnies in bright colors made using the Bunny Hop bunny applique pattern from Shiny Happy World

Woo hoo! A bunny applique pattern!

Yep, the 15th of the month means it’s pattern release day in the Funny Faces Quilt Block of the Month Club!

The new pattern this month is a bunny.

But not just any bunny.

See those four bunnies? They were all made with the same pattern pieces!

The pattern includes one head, one body, one muzzle, and two ears – but it has four different eye/eyebrow sets and four different mouths. By twisting and turning the applique pieces and swapping out the eyebrows and mouth – you can create a kajillion different bunnies.

That’s right – your applique blocks can multiply like rabbits. 🙂

(I had to get that in there.)

If you’re in the club already, head over to the clubhouse to download the pattern. This link will take you straight to the Bunny Hop page.

If you’re not in the club yet – here’s the link to join.

Members get an exclusive new pattern every month!

Here’s a quick peek at my bunnies coming together.

I made all my bunnies with the Dots and Gingham Play fabric bundles.

The background blocks all come from the Batik Rainbow fabric bundle.

I can’t wait to see all the bunnies you make!

Happy stitching!