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Funny Faces Quilt Block of the Month Club Pattern List

Here’s a complete list of all the patterns released so far in the Funny Faces Quilt Block of the Month Club.


March – Paxton Penguin

April – Heidi Hedgehog

May – Harrison Horse/Ursula Unicorn

June – Frasier Frog

July – Darius Dragon

August – Taylor Turtle

September – Tucker Tiger

October – Yeti

November – Kevin Koala

December – Serena Seal


January – Benjamin Badger

February – Russell Rat

March – Ginny Giraffe

April – Sanford Squirrel

May – Liz Llama

June – Mo Muskox

July – Troy the Tree Frog

August – Eloise the Emu

September – Corbin the Camel

October – Marcellus the Monster

November – Tom the Turkey

December – Shinji the Snow Monkey


January – Ellen the Elephant

February – Lovebirds

March – Bunny Hop

April – Mama and Baby Kangaroo

May – Papa and Baby Penguin

June – Carter Chameleon

July – Danny Dragonfly

August – Weldon Wombat

September – Gracie Goat

October – Birds of Prey

November – Fluffy the Puppy

December – Scarlett Skunk 


January – Calvin Cockatiel

February – Thaddeus Tiger 

March – Sullivan Snail 

April – Reena the Red Panda

May – Parker the Praying Mantis

June – Silas the Spider Monkey

July – Bellamy Bee

August – Lucien Lion 

September – Oswin Octopus 

October – Octavian Owl

November – Adrian Alligator

December – Zulima Zebra


January – Dawson Donkey 

February – Griffith Groundhog 

March – Declan Deer

April – Leighton Lemur

May – Chad Chimpanzee

June – Colby Cat

July – Billy Bison

August – Madison Meerkat

September – Harper Hippo

October – Hollis Hamster

November – Padgett Pig

December – Grady Gazelle


January – Sam the Shaggy Dog

February – Olson Otter

March – Beckham Bear

April – Galen Gorilla

May – Landyn Lizard (or Salamander or Newt)

June – Brette Bunny (will be available in the shop in late July)

July – Waffles Warthog

All the patterns from previous months of the Funny Faces Club are available in the Individual Applique Blocks section of the Shiny Happy World shop.



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