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Choose Your Pattern – Let’s Make a Quilt

Before you do anything, you’ll need to choose a pattern. 🙂

You can, of course, use the techniques and instructions I’ll be giving you with any pattern, but there’s a post below with a quick rundown of several of my patterns, arranged by difficulty. It has info that will help you to see what exactly makes a pattern easy or difficult.

There are lots of patterns for individual blocks too – including free patterns. Those patterns don’t include instructions for making a full quilt, but you’ll get that instruction in this series – so feel free to start with one of them.

You do not HAVE to start with one of the easiest patterns!

I’m a big believer in choosing a pattern that really excites you and then just taking it slow enough to learn as you go. But that’s my learning style and you know your own style best. How comfortable are you with fiddly bits? Does making a mistake ruin all the fun for you? Do you like to sew really fast and going slow makes you want to stab things?

Think about what makes sewing fun for you and choose your pattern based on that.

Here’s a list of links all about choosing a quilt pattern – and even designing your own!

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