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Instructions for Cut & Sew Christmas Stockings

Make adorable Christmas stockings using a yard of cut & sew fabric. These stockings are SUPER easy to make, and there are instructions printed right on the fabric. But if you’ve never sewn a stitch before and you want a little extra help you can find additional instructions (with videos) here.

Buy your fabric here. You need to get a full yard printed on any of Spoonflower’s fabric bases that are at least 56 inches wide. I used Organic Cotton Sateen because I love how the colors print on that fabric.

One yard gives you all the pieces you need for the following:

  • one large stocking (19 inches tall) fully lined with a contrasting cuff and hanging loop
  • one small stocking (10 inches tall) fully lined with a contrasting cuff
  • five small (5 1/2 inches tall) stockings perfect for filling with candy and hanging on the tree

Here’s a video showing ALL the steps.

If you’d rather have written instructions, here are all the steps – with links to a few additional videos you might find helpful.

  1. Cut out stocking front and back, and the rectangle for the hanging loop. Do NOT cut the line between the main stocking (red) and the lining (light green).
  2. To make the hanging loop, fold and press the rectangle in half the long way. Open, and fold each edge in to the center fold. Press. (There’s a video showing how to do this here.) Stitch down the long edge.
  3. Pin stockings right sides together, sandwiching the hanging loop between the layers where indicated.
  4. Sew around the edges using 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave open for turning where indicated.
  5. Clip seam allowance in concave curves. (There’s a video with more info about that here.) Turn right side out and press.
  6. Sew up the turning opening. You can use whipstitch, ladder stitch, or your sewing machine.
  7. Tuck the lining down into the stocking, smoothing as you go.
  8. Turn down the cuff.
  9. Hang it by the chimney with care and fill it with treats!

Easy peasy!

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