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Archives: Week One

Let’s tiptoe down memory lane to see what I was doing during the first week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. 🙂 Click on the images to go to the posts.

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Raining Rainbows - free embroidery pattern from Shiny Happy World

My very first embroidery pattern! I designed it especially for beginners. It uses only one stitch!

If I were making this today I’d back that white fabric with some interfacing so my thread tails wouldn’t shadow through to the front. 🙂


What kind of fabric can I use for embroidery?

In a nutshell? Anything! This post walks you through any special tools that will make weird fabrics easier.


How to Embed Rickrack in a Seam - video

For perfect monster teeth.


Because freckles are super cute.


For my fellow optimists. 🙂


Mollie - a sweet Dress Up Bunch rag doll
***eligible for Week 1 sale***

An adorable dressable rag doll.


Lizzie - a Dress Up Bunch rag doll pattern from Shiny Happy World
***eligible for Week 1 sale***

Another adorable dressable rag doll! This is back when the Dress Up Bunch Club was happening. I introduced a new doll at the start of the year and then she was the model for a new clothing and accessories pattern every month that year. After a couple of years she had a VAST wardrobe – far better than my own. 🙂


dark brown crochet cat with black eyes

This post has tips that work for both sewn and crocheted softies.


It’s different than every other way you measure gauge.


In 2020 I decided I wanted to learn to use Procreate on my iPad. I started by just drawing a dot every day. Simple. No pressure. And a great way to try out different brushes. This is one of my favorites.


applique felt and embroidered letters saying, "This is the year!"

More happy thoughts for the new year! This is clearly a theme. 🙂


***eligible for Week 1 sale***

What a cutie!


***eligible for Week 1 sale***

I love this guy’s toothy grin.


Cute applique shaggy dog.
***eligible for Week 1 sale***

He’s a good dog. 🙂