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Archives: Week 27

The heart and soul of Shiny Happy World is in the archives. There are hundreds of free patterns and tutorials and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the information. Every Friday I share just a manageable sliver – a peek at what was happening during the same week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. This is Week 27.

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***Included in Week 27 Sale***

I designed this owl to be especially easy to make. My daughter (age 8 at the time) made the one you see on the cover!


Happy Chemistry embroidery pattern
***Included in Week 27 Sale***

Happy chemistry! A fun embroidery pattern – especially for mad scientists! 😁


***Included in Week 27 Sale***

A Dress Up Bunch rag doll – I just love her purple curls!


How to Sew Boxed Corners - video

A handy skill. I use it most often to make tote bags with a little depth to them, but it’s also handy for boxed pillows and the bases of some stuffed animals.


In What Order Do I Stitch Appliqué?

I get a lot of questions about where to start stitching when you’re outlining your applique. This post is my detailed answer. 🙂


Embroidered Sun Mandala - easy how-to from Shiny Happy World

An almost-freestyle mandala sun. I didn’t use a pattern for this, but I DID use a grid to guide my stitching. The post gives you all the details.


Happy Fourth of July! I made this with one of the cats from the Cuddly Cats pattern and added a hat from the Fancy Doodads pattern.


***Included in Week 27 Sale***

I stitched up some of my husband’s drawings to make this fun pattern.


Finley the Frog - a cute crocheted frog wearing a cozy hoodie
***Included in Week 27 Sale***

I had so much fun designing this cute frog in his little hoodie!


Another animal for my 100 Day project. I love this tiger who became this applique pattern.


***Included in Week 27 Sale***

I made a new sample for the Cuddly Cats pattern in subdued neutrals. Click the photo to see a time lapse video of one block assembly. 🙂


A mini fabric collection!


I was experimenting with drawing flowers instead of faces. 🙂