Try adding pupils to your amigurumi eyes!

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. Maybe your crocheted stuffed animals don’t have souls, but the eyes add quite a bit of character! Today I’m going to share a great tip for giving your crocheted eyes some extra pizazz.

Eye Options

You have lots of options for eyes on your amigurumi! You can. . .

Plastic eyes reflect a bit of light already. It gives them a nice, lifelike sparkle. But what about baby-safe felt or crochet eyes?

Well – you can add a little speck of light to those, too.

Adding specks of light to crocheted eyes

I first talked about adding a little yarn speck to your eyes in Cuddly Crochet, but I was reminded of the technique when I saw some fabulous projects by Stacey (a different Stacey!) on Ravelry:

Aren’t these fabulous? Stacey’s used the crochet baby-safe eyes, and embroidered the cutest little reflections on them!

Stacey’s done an adorable V-shape, but you can use a little knot or a simple line. To do this, you’ll want to embroider your detail on when you’re assembling the features on the head.

You can use this trick to add a unique flair to the eyes on any pattern! Give it a try!

How to Stuff a Pillow or Softie – video

How to Stuff a Softie - video

Stuffing a softie is a little more involved than you would think. It often takes me as long to stuff a softie as it took me to sew it! It’s not hard to do it right – it just takes some patience. And a TON of stuffing. Seriously!

The number one problem I see with handmade softies is not enough stuffing. Pack it in there people! And watch this video to see how to get it smooth and even and in all the nooks and crannies.

Happy stuffing!

That's me!

How to Whipstitch – The Easy Way to Sew Up a Stuffing Opening – video

How to Whipstitch

If you make softies or pillows – or anything else that requires stuffing – you’ll need to sew up the opening by hand. I teach two basic methods for doing that – the easy way and the invisible way. This is the easy way.

I’ve taught it to 5 and 6 year-olds and they do a great job with it. I recommend it for beginners of all ages.

For those of you eager to try out the invisible way, watch How to Ladder Stitch.

Happy sewing!

That's me!