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  • Bunnies! Felt Bunnies!

Bunnies! Felt Bunnies!

  • February 27th, 2015

Today I have TWO new patterns for you. Adorable felt bunnies in spring outfits!

Are […]

What Readers Say

I just want to tell you that getting your newsletter on Mondays always makes me smile. I look forward to it so much! Your patterns are delightful.  When I’m having a not so good day, I pick up one of your patterns and the world seems like a happier place.
Just wanted to say thank you for your instructional videos.  I purchased a second hand Janome and had no clue what I was doing.  Went to local book store and purchased some books to explain things a little better but it still was not making any  Decided to YouTube how to sew and found your videos and it was like a light switch turned on and it started to make sense!
I’m not one to email a complete stranger but I felt that I needed to thank you personally for renewing my confidence in sewing. I will be forever grateful to you and Shiny Happy World.  I look forward to seeing what new and exciting ideas you come up with next! 
You’re like the Julia Child of sewing skills: an everywoman who just wants other folks to feel as comfortable with these skills as you are. I make my own patterns, but I keep returning here for ideas on embroidery fills, color combos, and nifty tips and tricks. Thanks so much for sharing your considerable knowledge.