Fancy Felt Easter Egg - a free pattern from Shiny Happy WorldYou (yes, you!) can stitch up a lovely Easter egg just like this one. What do you need? Some felt. Preferably wool felt. It’s dreamy to stitch on and you can find it in gorgeous colors here, in my very own shop.

You’ll need embroidery thread. Choose four colors you like – or use the ones I specify in the pattern. They’re all from my medium and light thread bundles.

You’ll need the pattern – of course. Download that here. It’s full-sized, so no enlarging needed.

And finally, you’ll need a bit of stuffing. A handful of cotton balls will do the trick.

Do you have questions about working with felt? I answer a bunch of common questions here – including info about how to transfer an embroidery pattern to felt. I recommend using The Magical Embroidery Stuff.

It’s Easy

You’ve never even held an embroidery needle before and think it looks pretty complicated? Fear not, my friend! This pattern uses only four easy stitches and I have videos teaching you every one of them: backstitch, running stitch, lazy daisy, and French knot.

embroidery 2

You can totally make this!

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Happy stitching!