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How to Stitch a Lazy Daisy – video

How to Stitch a Lazy Daisy - embroidery video

Today I’ll show you how to stitch a lazy daisy – perfect for making teardrop shapes. Of course they make terrific daisies – like in this robot pattern.

Robot bending down to look at a flower embroidered with lazy daisy stitch - embroidery pattern from Shiny Happy World

I also used a single lazy daisy stitch for the glowing red light at the tip of his antenna. πŸ™‚

I also used lots of them in the scales and gills of the carp in this koi banner.

Koinobori Carp Banner - embroidery pattern showing traditional Japanese carp flags in three sizes

Of course, since they make great leaves I used lots of lazy daisy stitches on the houseplants page of my book How to Embroider Almost Everything.

collection of embroidered houseplants - detail of page from the book How to Embroider Almost Everything

I love that plant in the smiling flowerpot. Alas, I’m only good with embroidered plants. All the real ones in my house die. πŸ™

You’ll see lazy daisy is very similar to the chain stitch that works great for lovely textured lines. Lazy daisy is also called detached chain stitch – so that makes perfect sense!

The video has a bonus lesson on how to pull out those pesky loops that sometimes form on the surface of your fabric while you stitch!! I’ve been waiting for that to happen while I was filming and it finally did. πŸ™‚

Want to practice your lazy daisy stitches? This tree pattern has a ton of them!

Firefly Tree embroidery pattern - stitched with lots of lazy daisy stitched and fly stitch for the fireflies

Each leaf is a lazy daisy stitch. Each firefly is a fly stitch. And I stitched both using glow in the dark thread, so the whole tree glows. Fun!

Here are my lessons for the four most basic embroidery stitches I recommend for beginners.

Return to the Learn to Embroider main Table of Contents.

Move on to the lessons teaching other options for outline stitches.


  1. Thank you for your video tutorials. I recently found your site and wonder if you have a basic tutorial explaining what type of embroidery needle you use, how many threads to use, and how to easily thread the needle. If so, could you direct me to this information.

  2. Anne – I haven’t done a post about embroidery tools because they’re not as tricky as sewing tools – but I think I’ll do a post next Wednesday anyway. To answer your question now – embroidery needles are just called embroidery needles, and I buy packs of assorted sizes. You should be able to find them in any fabric store.

    The number of strands of thread you use depends on how thick you want your line to be. I always include the number of strands I used in the color and stitch guides of my patterns.

    I don’t have a trick for threading needles. Needle threading tools work, but that fine wire tends to break easily. I just choose a needle with an eye that’s just barely big enough for my thread. And I take off my glasses and make sure I’ve got good light. πŸ™‚

    • Leslie Terry SAYS...

      Thank you so much, Wendi! Your videos are very clear and really helpful. I did embroidery years ago and just decided to get back into it since I’m going to be a grandma soon!
      Thanks again

      • wendigratz SAYS...

        So many of the folks here either start or get back into these crafts becuase they’re having a child or grandchild. I love it!

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  4. Anonymous SAYS...

    This is sooooo helpful!!! Thanks Wendi

  5. Sylvia Pearson SAYS...

    Thank you for showing how to do daisy stitch. So easy after watching your video. Alos for french knots. I was not holding my thread tight enough!! Thanks again.

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      I’m glad it was helpful! πŸ™‚

  6. stefania campagnuolo SAYS...

    Good and nice Wendy. Had never made embroideries in my life but have succeeded in making me come the desire to try us! They are easy and happy.They send away the sadness Thanks

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