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Easter Craft Ideas – Free Embroidered Felt Egg Pattern

Easter Craft Ideas - make a pretty embroidered felt egg with this free pattern

Looking for some easy and fun Easter craft ideas?

You (yes, you!) can stitch up a lovely felt egg just like this one. What do you need? Some felt. Preferably wool felt. It’s dreamy to stitch on and you can find it in hundreds of gorgeous colors.

You’ll need embroidery thread. Use any colors you like – either an assortment of colors like the sample above, or one color for a very simple, classic egg.

You’ll need a needle. I stitched my sample with three strands of thread – for that I recommend a #5 or a #8 embroidery needle.

You’ll need the pattern – of course. Download that here. It’s full-sized, so no enlarging needed.

You’ll need a bit of stuffing. A handful of cotton balls will do the trick.

Finally, there are a couple of optional items that I strongly recommend to make your stitchy life better. Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy is fantastic for transferring patterns to felt (as you’ll see below) and Thread Heaven just makes your thread behave really nicely.

You can find a list of my favorite tools and supplies (with links to sources) here.

Do you have questions about working with felt? I answer a bunch of common questions here – including info about how to transfer an embroidery pattern to felt.

Here’s how to make it. . .

Step 1

Download the pattern here. Print or trace the pattern pieces onto Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy. (Learn more about how to use this fabulous stuff here.)

Step 2

Rough cut around each piece and stick it to the felt.

Step 3

Embroider the design. You’ll be stitching right through both the stabilizer and the felt. I used a combination of the following stitches – the links below take you to videos teaching you how to do them if you’re new to embroidery.

Easter craft ideas - free tutorial to make a pretty embroidered felt egg

I used three strands of thread for all my stitching. It’s all white thread on Norwegian blue felt. The top sample used straw felt.

Repeat for all four wedge shapes.

Step 4

After you’re done with all the embroidery, cut the four pieces out neatly on the outline.

Easter craft ideas - make a pretty felt Easter egg

Step 5

Soak off the stabilizer. This is the magical part! Drop the pieces face down in a bowl of cold water and let them sit there for about an hour. The stabilizer will get all mushy and soft. Rinse it off under cold running water. If any bits are stubborn, just hit them with a kitchen sprayer and that should do the trick. Don’t rub the surface of the felt – just let the running water do its thing.

Easter craft ideas - pretty felt egg pieces waiting to be stitched together

Set them flat on a towel and let them dry. Don’t wring them out, twist them, or even smoosh them. Just lay them sopping wet on a towel and let them dry.

Step 6

Place two egg pieces wrong sides together and stitch them together along one edge. I used running stitch, which leaves a nice ridge that I like along the seams of the egg. If you want a smoother finish you can use whipstitch instead.

Easter craft ideas - two embroidered egg pieces stitched together

Repeat for the second pair of pieces.

It’s easy to mix up the ends – one is a little pointer than the other and has a bit more lattice. Make sure you put matching ends together.

Step 7

Put your pairs together (make sure the matching ends are together) and sew the last two seams. Leave a couple of inches of the last seam open for stuffing.

Easter craft ideas - embroidered egg is almost finished

It will be easiest to sew your egg together if you let it collapse into a deflated football kind of shape.

Step 8

Stuff your egg and finish sewing up the opening.

Easter craft ideas - free tutorial for a pretty embroidered felt egg

You can totally make this!

Looking for more Easter craft ideas? Click here for all kinds of Easter crafts – sewing, quilting, crochet and embroidery. 🙂

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Happy stitching!


  1. Very pretty!! I still cannot do a french knot to save my life lol

    • Sharon SAYS...

      Have you tried a Colonial Knot? I hate French knots, but I can do the colonial!

      • I’ve tried it, but once I figured them out I really love French knots. My current project has about a kajillion on it. 🙂

    • Fran Vidal SAYS...

      French knots are all about tension. Once you wrap the the thread around the needle. Place your left thumb and hold it onto the thread close to the needle ( you can leave about an 1/8 th of an inch space between your thumb and needle but keep that thread taut)
      Insert your needle into the fabric and pull it through gently, till keeping your left thumb in place. When you get to the point you cant go any further, release your left thumb and pull the thread ,(very slowly) through to finish the knot. You can use your left thumbnail to hold the wraps flat as you finish pulling through.

  2. Gloria SAYS...

    Too cute and just in time for Easter too! Thank you!

  3. Wow! Very cute! Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  4. Anonymous SAYS...

    Thank you for sharing. Marian (NZ)

  5. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern. I hope I can get some time to make one.

  6. Pinned! Thank you, thank you for the pattern and the inspiration!!! I cannot wait to get started! 🙂

  7. Thank you, very cute.

  8. Anonymous SAYS...

    Looks as precious as a Faberge egg!
    Very cute idea.

    Lots of hugs

  9. Thanks everyone! I can’t wait to see what you all make!

    • Anonymous SAYS...

      Okay. I signed up now how do I get the Easter egg pattern ? Every “free pattern” text comes back to the pix and text – no pttern !

    • Every once in a while I have someone run into this problem – but it’s an easy fix. The problem is that Adobe made a couple of recent changes that are making SOME versions of SOME browsers incompatible with SOME PDF versions. So we’re going to bypass the browser. Don’t worry – it’s easy.

      Instead of clicking on the link like you normally would (with the left button on your mouse), right-click on it instead. That will pull up a little menu. Choose the option to SAVE the item (or the target, or the link – different browsers say different things, but it will be clear that you are SAVING, not opening). It might give you an option to choose where you want it saved. I usually just choose the desktop, because that makes it easy for me to find it.

      AFTER you’ve saved it, THEN open it by clicking the link on your computer instead of the one in the blog post. It should open right up.

  10. Anna Maria Quagliero SAYS...

    I just want to do some Easter eggs differently, and this one is perfect for me! I will do it ! Thank for the free pattern. 🙂

  11. Lin SAYS...

    Thank you for all the wonderful patterns! Your designs are so charming and fun!

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  13. Nola SAYS...

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. So excited to get started. Thank you.

  14. Love the Easter Egg design, could not download page, Thank ;you for the picture.

    • I just checked it and it seems to be downloading fine now. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch?

  15. debra SAYS...

    nice thanks for the pattern

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  17. Christine SAYS...

    Just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your creativity. 🙂

  18. Anonymous SAYS...

    Thank you for this great idea and pattern . I have one issue that keeps coming up— I can’t touch wool because I am allergic— is there another product I can use.
    Thank you,

    • I’ve used bamboo felt before and it’s lovely! I think Benzie Felt carries it.

      • Anonymous SAYS...

        Thanks so much for this tip— I look forward to trying this.
        You made my day!

  19. Kathy SAYS...

    Is there a way to download the directions so I can just print the directions?
    Can’t wait to get started!!! Thank you for the free pattern!!!

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  22. Margaret SAYS...

    Total amateur here: which side is the release sheet and which side is the stabilizer? And how do you get the two of them apart after printing the design on and before sticking it to the felt?

    • The stabilizer is slightly rough, the paper is smooth. Just peel the paper off the stabilizer after you print.

  23. Yvonne SAYS...

    Thank you for this beautiful project.