How To Sew a Straight Line on the Machine – video

How to Sew a Straight Line and Turn Corners - a video tutorial

Here it is – the moment you’ve all been waiting for – sewing on the machine! We’re going to start with straight lines and then we’ll have a separate lesson on sewing curved lines. In the video you’ll see me sewing on a piece of paper. You can download that sheet here.

One thing I don’t think I emphasized enough in the video – you have to backstitch a few stitches at the beginning and at the end of all sewing. The backstitching works as a knot and keeps your stitching from unraveling – so don’t forget that step.

Ready? Let’s sew!

That's me!


  1. Awesome; I would have never known how to turn a corner like that. Can’t wait to go through your other videos. 🙂

  2. Thanks! Glad it was helpful!

  3. When I sew felt with my sewing machine the fabric is stretched. How I can fix it? Thank you so much 😀

    • Hmmm. . . First make sure you aren’t stretching the fabric even a tiny little bit as you sew. If anything, try giving a the felt a bit of a push as it feeds through to counteract any stretching from the feed dogs. Also – you can try setting your stitch length a bit longer. Sometimes that helps with thicker fabrics and some felts are fairly thick. Good luck!