Carrot Full o’ Candy – Free Pattern

Carrot Full of Candy - free pattern

I was inspired by Chez Beeper Bebe’s remake of the classic paratrooper dimestore toy (You haven’t seen it? Well go check it out, for goodness’s sake! It’s fabulous!) and I decided to remake those carrot-shaped cellophane bags you find filled with candy at Easter. My version is made from fabric – thus hiding what kind of candy is inside. Is it M&Ms? Is it jellybeans? Oooh – the suspense! Plus it’s reusable and feels so much nicer than the plastic bags. And – it’s oh so easy.

What you get

  • full-sized pattern – no enlarging needed
  • detailed step-by step instructions with photos
  • links to videos teaching you all the skills you’ll need

What you need

  • scraps of orange fabric
  • scraps of green fabric
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • candy
  • less than an hour


Very, very easy! One thimble easy. 🙂

sewing 1

Download the pattern here  and make a fun, fabric carrot full o’ candy!

Happy stitching!

That's me!


  1. This carrot is really cute Wendi. My 23 year old daughter just asked me today if she was getting an Easter Basket this year? I really think she would like to be about 7 years old again! Maybe I’ll make a few for her and fill ’em with candy and a gift card for itunes?

  2. That sounds like a great gift!

  3. Becky, I’m 42 and I still getan Easter basket from Mom and Dad “from the Easter bunny” lol.

  4. Lyn Cripps SAYS...

    This pattern is so great. Made several carrot’s for Easter with tiny chocolate eggs in then. Thank you, so easy.