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Help for a too-pointy amigurumi head!

It’s Tip Tuesday! Hooray! I just got an email from Pam, asking:

I’m having trouble with making the heads of any animals round, it’s always pointy on the top. Do you know how I can fix that? Thanks!

Happy to help! When there is a too-pointy top, a couple of things could be the problem.

  1. How’s your slip knot? If you’re using a standard slip knot, you could be getting a hole that makes the center puff up. I recommend using the sloppy slip knot (or magic ring, if you prefer) to get a nice center. If you’re using one of those techniques and still getting a point, make sure to pull really tightly! That solves a large number of the too-pointy problems!
  2. Is your gauge consistent? If you are a new crocheter, your gauge is probably changing as you get more experienced. If you begin your piece by crocheting loosely, and tighten up a few rounds later, then the first rounds will puff out- making a pointy top. Try starting again, and try out your new, tighter gauge at the start!
  3. Maybe there is no problem! The heads of animals don’t have to be perfectly flat… they’ll even out a lot after stuffing. Below is a photo of an amigurumi that I just crocheted:

    It may look a little pointy, but it rounded out perfectly after stuffing!

Hope that helps! Happy crocheting!