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How to Stitch a Whipped Backstitch or Running Stitch – video

How to Embroider whipped backstitch or running stitch - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Want to learn the basics of hand embroidery with an easy online workshop – totally free?

Sign up for Embroidery 101 here. You’ll learn how to get started, the tools and supplies you’ll need, the four most basic stitches, how to transfer your pattern and how to display your work.

If you already know the basics – sign up for Embroidery 201. It’s also free! You’ll learn how to stitch on specialty fabrics like felt and stretchy T-shirts. Plus you’ll learn lots and lots and LOTS more stitches – all my favorites!

This is one of my very favorite stitches. It looks fancy, but it’s soooooo easy! It’s very similar to the Threaded Running and Backstitch – but it has more of a spiral effect. Give it a try – it’s a fun one!

Happy stitching!



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