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How to Stitch a Whipped Backstitch or Running Stitch – video

How to Embroider whipped backstitch or running stitch - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Whipped backstitch is one of my very favorite stitches.

It looks fancy, but it’s soooooo easy! It’s very similar to the Threaded Running Stitch and Backstitch – but it has more of a spiral effect.

You can see some whipped backstitch in the flower with the red and pink striped outline that’s cropped out of the top of this photo.

Bloom flower embroidery pattern detail - the red and pink flower outline is embroidered with whipped backstitch

Those flowers are from the Bloom embroidery pattern.

I also used it for the crown in the Queen of Hearts pattern. That’s what you see in the title image at the top of the post.

I always think whipped backstitch looks like candy cane striping, so I used it in several places on this free gingerbread house pattern.

Gingerbread House - a free felt Christmas ornament pattern from Shiny Happy World

I don’t use whipped running stitch as much and whipped backstitch, but the process is the same, and I demonstrate both in the video.

Happy stitching!

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