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Backstitched Chain Stitch – video tutorial

sample line of backstitched chain stitch - showing yellow chain stitching with green backstitching

Oooh! Two colors!

You know I occasionally love to throw in a fancy-looking stitch combination that uses two thread colors. See whipped backstitch and running stitch here, and threaded backstitch and running stitch here.

Those both have a twisty, barber pole kind of look – one color spirals around or weaves through the other.

This combination is different. It layers one stitch right on top of the other for a really terrific texture.

It’s called Backstitched Chain Stitch and I love it!

I used it to outline the lattice work on some of the rings in this fancy-schmancy embroidered felt garland.

Fancy Schmacy embroidered felt garland - a free pattern

You can see that detail up close here. See the pink and purple stripe at the top and bottom of the wide lattice stripe in the middle band on the left?

purple felt garland embroidered with fancy stitches - including backstitched chain stitch

That’s backstitched chain stitch. First you chain stitch in purple, then backstitch over it with pink thread.

Here’s a piece that uses just this stitch – plus a tiny lazy daisy period at the end.

Keep going. A stitched reminder from Shiny Happy World.

Here’s the video showing how to do this fancy-looking-but-easy-to-embroider stitch.

See how easy?

It’s just two of the most basic stitches, stacked right on top of each other. 🙂 Backstitched chain stitch – exactly what it’s called.

Here are all my lessons for outline embroidery stitches.

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  1. Cathy SAYS...

    Thank you! I love your tutorials. I am a beginner, you are very easy to follow.

    Please tell me where to find all your tutorials. I have watched the chain stitch
    Back stitch, lazy daisy,fly.

    • Click on tje tab near the top of the screen where it says “Lessons & Tutorials.”