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The colorway I’m freaking out about…

Every once in a while, I spot a yarn that I totally fall in love with. My current obsession is Claudia Handpainted Fingering weight yarn in colorway: Circus Dancer.

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m obsessed with the super-bright blue, orange, pink and green! I couldn’t help but start swatching immediately with it…

This stitch pattern is called ‘Wavy Shell Stitch I’, and is from Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches… doesn’t it complement these awesome colors beautifully?

All I can say is ‘yummy’!



  1. I love the rippled effect crochet can make much more than knitted ripples. Your swatch is like, totally far out, man!

  2. That stitch pattern works brilliantly. I find it hard to find a way to make such brightly coloured variegated yarn work, but this works fantastically well.

  3. Yes, this is so beautiful. In your post you say you couldn’t help but to start swatching immediately. Thanks for that comment because I always think I need have a pattern and all the plans laid out before I indulge in a beautiful yarn, and the perfectly-guaged stitches you show. Thanks. I am new here. I am not quite sure how I found this site but I’m going to bookmark.

  4. OOh, that yarn works wonderfully with that pattern! So pretty!

  5. This yarn is totally awesome! Your swatch is such a lovely design, too. Love it!.

  6. Rae Haller SAYS...

    Stacey, I just saw this post, what size crochet hook did you use for your swatch? This yarn looks scrumptious. Like the idea of this yarn being from the USA, and also a women’s company, so cool. This is even super wash merino yarn. Thanks for letting us know about different types of yarns.

    • Thank you! I think it might have been a size C hook.

  7. Kzoo Kid SAYS...

    What size is the swatch? I’m wondering what widths could be used to get the color repeating into the vertical stripes. Thanks.

    • The swatch is about 6″ wide, but I’d recommend experimenting on your own. Even changing the stitch pattern will alter the way the repeats pattern.