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Meet Frank & Vlad

The Boo Boys - a fun boy Halloween doll pattern from Shiny Happy World

Today I want to show you how I Halloweenified the Karl pattern to make Frank and Vlad. First, I’d like you to meet Frank.

Frank is made with the basic Karl doll pattern – with just a few key changes. First of all, he’s green. 🙂 And he has a couple of scars. I stitched one scar on his face, and another on one of his legs.

You could of course, give him lots and lots of scars. Just be sure to do it before you sew him together. It’s much easier that way.

I used the selvage edge of some dark gray fabric for the edge of his shorts. It just had the perfect fringe and I loved it.

For the sleeves I simply cut the edge all jagged.

You know how to get a really nice, irregular jagged edge? Wad up the fabric you want to cut and then cut into the wad. It works beautifully every time.

So that’s Frank. Except for the addition of the scars, his changes are all about fabric selection.

You met Vlad yesterday, when he was Sad Vlad and I was having a lot of angst about his hairline. Thanks to your many helpful comments here and on Facebook, I realized that it was the baldness at the sides of his head that was bothering me – not the height of his hairline, as I originally thought. I changed out his hair to gave him some sideburns – and Vlad and I are both much happier. Thanks again for all your input!

Except for his fangs and hair, Vlad is made exactly like Karl. I used white fabric for his sleeves and collar, and black fabric for his pants. I used red corduroy for his vest – it gives a sweaterish look without any stretch. Of course, he has a black cape too – but I forgot to put it on for his photo shoot. Drat!

Want to make your own Frank and Vlad? You’ll need the Karl pattern (available here) and this handy-dandy free PDF with the pattern for Vlad’s hair, his fangs, and some scars for Frank.

If you want to make Vlad, replace Karl’s hair with the new Vlad hair. Don’t give him the tufts sticking up on the top. Vampires don’t have cowlicks.

Trace Karl’s face on your doll, then overlay it on the Vlad pattern to add the fangs.

If you want to make Frank, just trace the scars wherever you want to add them. I stitched mine up in DMC #3371.

Have a fabulous weekend! Stitch up something scary!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)




  1. Frank and Vlad both turned out so awesome! At first I wasn’t sure about Vlad’s sideburns (I was with the high hair camp, although I kept mum about it *scuffle/duck/flee*), but I think they are growing on me! I also love all the little details like using the selvedge with fringe for Frank’s shorts, etc.

  2. You are sooo creative, Wendi!! I just love Frank and Vlad (and Karl, too)!
    What terrific ideas for their clothes, the patterns are fantastic 🙂
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks everyone!You’re making me blush!