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Tips for Knitting Wingspan

Have you heard about Wingspan by Tri’Coterie? It’s a trending knitting pattern on Ravelry recently… and I’m seeing it pop up everywhere!

I just finished knitting my first one and I’ve cast on for a second. It’s no wonder it’s a popular pattern… Wingspan is both fun and easy, and it’s a great yarn for showing off long color-repeats.

In this post, I’ll share a couple of tips I’ve learned… so you can get started on one for yourself. (trust me, you want to!)

Choosing a Yarn

This pattern is fabulous because it gives you the option of making a fingering, dk or worsted weight scarf… meaning you have lots of yarns available to choose from!

My personal favorite is to select a self-striping or gradient yarn. Yarns with long colorways will give you a shawl where each wedge is a different color (more or less), resulting in a gradient-effect across the entire piece.

Some yarns with long colorways are:

  • Almost any Noro yarn: try Taiyo or Silk Garden Sock for fingering weight or Taiyo, Kureyon or Silk Garden for a worsted weight.
  • Zauberball (Fingering)
  • Knit Picks Chroma (available in fingering or worsted weight)
  • Play at Life Maki Yarn (available in a wide range of fingering weight options)

I’ve also seen some lovely versions on Ravelry knitted up with yarns with shorter colorways, or even in a solid color. Doing this makes the ‘wedges’ in the shawl less defined, but still results in a beautiful shawl. Check out all of the projects and see what strikes you!

How to skip using a traveling marker

I like to knit on the go… and so adding and removing a traveling stitch marker every row was too much for me. Fortunately, you can easily go without using one.

To accomplish the patterning for Wingspan, you basically want to turn 3 stitches before the last time you turned on the previous row. Fortunately (since the pattern recommends not wrapping before turning), you’ll see a giant gap in your work where you previously turned (the red arrow).

So, all you need to do for your current row is turn 3 stitches before that gap (at the blue arrow), and bye-bye traveling stitch marker!

I recommend knitting one wedge by following the pattern before attempting working without the traveling stitch marker. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll only to add one marker every time you finish a wedge… much easier to manage!

The Cast-On

For this pattern, you’ll need to cast on stitches to the end of a piece you’re already working. Since there are already stitches in action (with yarn attached), your cast-on choices become more limited (for example, using the long-tail cast-on would require a second piece of yarn).

For this part, I use the Cable Cast on. It’s a simple way of adding stitches to a piece you already have. Check out or consult a reference guide (like The Knitting Answer Book) to find out how to do it.

Have you started yours, yet?

It’s a fun, easy and portable pattern. I’ve just cast on for my second… a fingering weight version where I’m using up all of my leftover sock yarn pieces to create a rainbow effect. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!




  1. Pat Kopaz SAYS...

    Thanks so much for your hints. Your work is just lovely.

  2. Mary Cast SAYS...

    There is a crochet version on Ravelry also. I just started it in a skein of self striping sock yarn. It’s turning out well. Check out this version if you too are knit challenged, like me!

  3. Kathy Hartsock SAYS...

    Your piece is lovely. I have started mine over so many times. I am looking for help. I don’t understand where to go back to to start triangle 2-8. If i start 16 from the previous one, my triangles start to get too small.
    Hope you can help. Thanks!

    • Hi Kathy-
      Are you casting on the new stitches for triangles 2-8?
      You end 16 stitches from the previous one, turn, knit across the row, then cast on 16 to begin the new triangle.
      Does that help?

      • Kathy Hartsock SAYS...

        Hi Stacy
        Thanks for trying to help me. I am casting on the 16 stitches so I think I have that end correct. On the other end, the permanent markers go at 16, 32, 48 etc. and those are where you turn at. Is that part correct?

  4. Judy varner SAYS...

    Hi Stacy..still new at this knitting fun.. Going to knit Wingspan with knitpicks chroma yarn…only need 1 skein???

    • Yes, you’ll only need one skein!

  5. Lorraine SAYS...

    Your sample is beautiful. Did you cast on 90 and increase 16. The colors are great. Is it Noro fingering?

    • I did the CO 60 and increase 13.
      The colors are just leftover bits of sock yarn… great way to use scraps!

  6. Barbara SAYS...

    I’ve finished FIVE wingspans and am trying to organize a class at the local senior center, hopefully to teach a few how to knit. I think your wingspan is a great lesson for a beginner.

    Talk about the excitement when I zipped my knitting bag open at yesterday’s exercise class! The women gathered from around the room to see what I had made. Hopefully, the director will announce my class in the next newsletter.

    The Bali yarn I got from Hobby Lobby is the most colorful but I’m not done yet. I want a colorway such as yours and also intend to knit a white one with the different lace WEDGES. (Thanks so much for not calling them ‘triangles!’)

    Add me to your blogspot, please.


    • @Barbara-
      Thanks, Barbara! Just to clarify, the pattern for Wingspan isn’t mine… I was just adding a few helpful tips.

  7. sylvia davies SAYS...

    what I would really like is a 4 ply thickness -long colorways-black to grey to white for next wing span An I wasting my time looking

    • Not at all! Have you tried looking for ‘gradient’ yarns on Etsy?

      • sylvia davies SAYS...

        Thanks for your help Have ordered, Etsy had only the one ball which is all I needed. Aren’t I the lucky one

        • You are a lucky duck! Happy you found what you wanted šŸ™‚

  8. nancy SAYS...

    I am new to the site and love your tips and questions, I was about to chuck mine in the basket but now I am going to tear out and start over. Big thanks

    • sylvia davies SAYS...

      bit disappointed with my 1st wingspan I realise it was because one should use long colouways yarn to get the best effect

  9. sally SAYS...

    Don’t understand which row closes up the short row holes???

    • The short row holes get closed up as you knit across them to start the next triangle.

  10. Diana SAYS...

    Hi y’all … can someone share the wingspan pattern with me? I’d like to try it. Thanks!
    Have a wonderful day … Diana

  11. Jane SAYS...

    I am having a problem understanding how to start without having something to add to. Does that make any sense?

    • That does make sense… for adding the new material, you’ll need to do a cast on. The cable cast on is a good one for it!

  12. Is there an optimal spot for changing color from one wedge to the next? I can’t decide where to do it.

    • I think changing as you add a new wedge is a nice place!

      • Thanks Stacey, I agree, but I’m wondering which row of the pattern would look best. I’m hoping to coordinate the right/wrong side resulting from German short rows and right/wrong side of the pattern according to directions. Does that make sense?

        • Yes, I understand what you’re saying. I like to change on the RS… but you’ll have to experiment to see what you like best!

  13. Judi SAYS...

    I am working with 45 stitches and staggering 10 stitches. I am just starting the 3rd triangle and would be placing the 2nd permanent marker next to the 1st! That can’t be right! Help!!

    • Hi Judy-
      For more detailed help on knitting Wingspan, I would contact the designer of the pattern.

  14. Leslie neafus SAYS...

    Iā€™m going to do wingspan with noro Tiago could you tell how many I need to cast many skein will I need with size 11 needles