1. Ann Donnan SAYS...

    Having been looking for so long for a pattern for a large pyramid bag, with no luck, so I am absolutely delighted to see your pattern, I can’t wait to start sewing it!! Thanks!

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  3. Shona Briggs SAYS...


    I can’t seem to load the video that goes with this post. Can you help at all.

    Thank you

    • There’s no video – it’s a downloadable pattern. There are links to individual tutorials within the pattern.

  4. Dora SAYS...

    Going to try this Thanks for this lovely pattern.

  5. Vasanthi SAYS...

    Beautiful bags and clear tutorial. I have made a lot of the smallest suze. Only now seeing a bigger obe with handle. Thanks.

    Can it be used to teach others/ sell tge products? TIA!

    • Yes! Just please keep my link(s) and credit info intact on any handouts you use. 🙂

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  7. Lisa C in Dallas SAYS...

    Is the largest size the size for a mini iron? May I make one to use as a door prize at our next retreat? I don’t want to violate any ownership issues. I will be glad to put a tag on the item saying where I got the pattern.

    • I don’t think the largest would work for a mini iron – but it’s easy to size the pattern up or down as needed. Feel free to use the pattern however you like – no need to add a tag if that’s a hassle. The only thing I ask is that you don’t duplicate and distribute the pattern itself. 🙂