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How to Miter Corners with Double-Fold Bias Tape – video

Close up photo of one mitered corner. Text reads: How to Miter Corners with Double Fold Bias Tape - video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Ever since I did this video showing how to make bias tape I’ve been getting questions about how to miter corners neatly when you use it. How do you get that neat corner? Do you wrap the whole thing and pin it and then start to sew? Do you sew one side at a time? How do you pivot at the corner?

So many questions!

Here’s a video showing how to miter corners with any double-fold tape.

I used this technique just recently when I made this roomy tote bag. (It’s a free pattern! Get it here.)

Big Bag - from Shiny Happy World

I used custom bias tape and mitered the corners to bind the edges of the big pocket on the side.

I also used this technique to bind the edges of the beach blanket in this collection of beach/pool accessories for Dress Up Bunch dolls.

Bathing Beauty pattern for Dress Up Bunch Dolls

Here’s a close up of the towel, showing how I mitered the corners neatly.

Bathing Beauty pattern for Dress Up Bunch Dolls

You can even use this technique to bind the edges of your quilt entirely my machine!

(Full disclosure – I don’t. I use a half-machine/half-hand binding method that makes an absolutely perfect and durable double-layer quilt binding. This video shows how I bind my quilts.)

Happy stitching!


  1. Thanks Wendi – I have always kept the needle in – no wonder I could never get a nice corner!!!

  2. Heidi SAYS...

    I’m sure that I’ll be using this tip at some point. Thanks! Would you have anything on getting nice corners with single fold bias tape?