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Sewing Camp Awesomeness

sewing camp

Sewing Camp last week was a huge success. I’m so glad I brought my camera and made time to snap some photos on the last day. Look at the fabulous things they made. . .

A cute bunny and some snakes in her lap – but don’t miss the silly monster on the floor near her. And that grey pillow is actually a cat pillow.

Another bunny, some snakes, a couple of skirts, a pillowcase, and some beanbags. Busy!

Some doll clothes, an owl, and more snakes!

More softies! She made a bunch of snakes and a few pillowcases too.

She wanted to make things for her pets, so that’s a dog bed and a cat toy.

That quilt. That wonderful quilt!

He was the softie-making king. That bear and bunny are for his sisters; the owl, hen and snake are for himself. Yes – that’s a GIANT version of the snake draped across his shoulders. 🙂

Jo was inspired to make her own giant snake.


The snakes were certainly popular. (Find the FREE snake pattern here and make your own.)

Here are two of the most special ones – a two-headed snake and a snizzard (that’s a snake/lizard, for those who don’t speak 8-year-old). 🙂

And one more shot of all the awesomeness. . .

Final tally:

  • 2 giant snakes
  • 14 small snakes
  • assorted things for the snakes to wear
  • 4 owls
  • 4 bunnies
  • 1 bear
  • 1 cat pillow
  • 2 plain pillows
  • 1 doll outfit (skirt and shirt)
  • 2 girl-sized skirts
  • 6 pillow cases
  • 3 pouches
  • 1 quilt
  • 1 dog bed
  • 1 cat toy
  • 1 bookmark
  • 7 beanbags
  • 8 proud kids

Holy cow!

Here are some posts with tips on sewing with kids.

Happy sewing!



  1. I am totally blown away by how much everyone made, and how WONDERFUL it all is! They and YOU are amazing!!

  2. That is completely awesome!! I love the huge snakes. They are fantastic. And the 2 headed snake…I think he/she is my fave lol. Everyone did a fantastic job!! What a bunch of awesomeness!!!

  3. Fantastic!!! I wish I was 8 again! Snizzard has to be the best thing ever.

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