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How to Machine Applique Concave Curves – video

How to Applique Concave Curves with the Freezer Paper Method - video

Hello all! Here’s the third video in the machine applique series.

We covered convex curves in the very first video – the one that introduced the whole technique. Watch that video here. And we covered inside points in this video.

Now we’re tackling concave curves. Those are the ones that curve in (like a cave). The technique is easy – if you can do the inside points then you can definitely handle this.


I also cover using starch in this video. I had someone ask me about getting a really crisp edge on her applique pieces. The answer, my friends, is starch. Simple spray starch from the grocery store. I don’t use it much, but sometimes – if your fabric just won’t behave – it can make all the difference. If you’ve never used starch before – give this a look and see how easy it is. And watch the steam fog up the lens of the camera. 🙂

Free Machine Applique Workshop

For all the videos and tutorials teaching you the freezer paper applique technique, gathered up in one handy dandy post – go here.

Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Doris SAYS...

    Wendy, your videos are just the best for those of us who are not advanced in our sewing projects. I soooooo appreciate them. Don’t ever think we are beyond any procedure as each and every one……. I am just so thankful for! It is so frustrating not knowing the simple techniques that we should already know and don’t. Thank you dear friend and keep them coming. Doris in Indiana