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Finishing amigurumi: keeping stuffing out of your crochet stitches

Yay! We’re almost finished crocheting our dragons! How’s yours coming along?

Today, I’ll show you two ways to keep stuffing out of those final stitches of your dragon bottom.

Use your non-dominant hand

The easiest way to keep stuffing out of your stitches for the last few rounds is to use the index finger of your non-hook-holding hand to push the stuffing out of the way of your hook as you crochet. You don’t need any extra tools, but it can make the final rounds slow-going.

Insert a piece of white felt

Another way to keep stuffing out of the way of your stitches is to cut a circle of white felt, and insert it into your work. I tuck the felt circle in at around the 3rd-to-last round. The felt will hold the stuffing on the inside, giving you a clear path to crocheting those last rounds!

Which is your fave?

It doesn’t matter which technique you choose… as long as it works for you!


  1. Su SAYS...

    Thanks for the great tip! I’ve been using my finger and it’s really annoying. The felt really sounds sooooo much easier.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I hadn’t thought of white felt. I have another idea to share: pantyhose. Of course, it depends on the color of your finished work, but you can get hose in a variety of colors. Knee-highs are usually sufficient. I simply insert the toe end of the nylons into the hole. Then fill the hose with the fiberfil. Baste stitch to close. That also keeps the white filling from peeking out through the stitches, which can sometimes be problematical. I first learned that technique when using PVC pellets to fill, but it works on polyester fiberfil as well.

    • That’s a great idea, Andi! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Joan SAYS...

    Thank you for sharing these tips, I use the felt method, but if there’s no felt the other way would be just fine too.

  4. Great! I’ve always struggled with this! My stitches toward the end (especially the decreases) are always pulled really tight and leave holes. Do you have any tips for that?

  5. Abby SAYS...

    Thanks for posting this! I just finished crocheting an amigurumi, and had this problem. I hope I can avoid it now! 🙂

  6. Sarah SAYS...

    Oh so clever! I just made my first ever crochet piece (I taught myself last week) and I made Richard the Whale.
    When I was finishing I was so frustrated by the fluff that I almost gave up. Using the felt is so ingenious! Thanks for the tip.

  7. Janice SAYS...

    Used dryer sheets cut to size work well here, too!