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How to Applique Outside Points – video

How to Applique Points Using the Freezer Paper Method - video

It’s the last of the machine embroidery videos – covering the trickiest shape – outside points.

Outside points are tricky because you have so little space for your seam allowance to sit. The allowances have to be trimmed very close, and you often wind up with raggedy frayed threads at the tip. Yuck.

My technique won’t get you a perfectly perfect point, but it will eliminate those raggedy threads and give you a point that can stand up to machine washing. If you need a perfect point that doesn’t need to be super-durable, use needle turn applique. Click the link to watch a video showing how.


Free Freezer Paper Applique Workshop

For all the videos and tutorials teaching you the freezer paper applique technique, gathered up in one handy dandy post – go here.

Happy stitching!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)