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Pledge to Ten (minutes, that is…)

We all know that most New Year’s Resolutions fail. Do you know why? They’re too grand… too lofty. And they often seem impossible.

So here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to set a practical crochet goal, and dedicate 10 minutes a day to reaching it. You have ten minutes a day, right?

And I’m going to give you a handy worksheet to use. Sounds do-able, huh?

Set realistic expectations, and remove roadblocks

If you’ve never knit before, then you’re probably not going to knit your first sweater this month. (Sorry if I’m the one who had to burst your bubble on that one).

But, there’s good news… the needle arts (knitting, crocheting, sewing) are all about putting in practice. I can pretty much guarantee you that if you practice in a consistent way (even if it’s not for huge blocks of time), you’ll get better.

help for reaching your crochet goals mantra

So, step one: pick a realistic goal that you think you can accomplish in a month.

Okay, onto step two (and I think this bit is really important!). You’re going to remove any possible roadblocks that you can think of that might come in between you and your goal. How many times have you sat down, ready to work on a project… only to discover that you don’t have the right hook?

The best way to guarantee success is to solve all of your roadblocks in advance. Before you begin working on your goal, gather all your materials and tools. This means downloading your pattern, getting your supplies, and even bookmarking resources that you might need. Then, when you need help… you won’t be slowed down. You’re prepared.

The Worksheet

easy crochet goals worksheet download

Now… here’s your helpful worksheet. Go ahead and download the pdf version.

Notice that there are 4 weeks, with 6 boxes each. Can you commit to spending 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week, to working towards your goal?

And if you find a little spare time… buy all means, keep going!

What’s important is that you consistently spend a little bit of time working towards your goal.

Let’s have a peek at an example:

goal setting for crochet, help

Look at how I came up with a list of concrete and helpful steps that will remove roadblocks and help me reach my goal. Nothing crazy… just little things that will help make the goal easier.

What’s your goal?

Notice this worksheet isn’t about setting your goals for all of 2013… it’s about picking one thing that you’d like to do within a month. Easy. No pressure.

If you’re feeling daring, you can print out 12 worksheets, one for each month. But, that’s optional! Start with the first month, and see how you go!

Crocheting should be fun, right?

Tell me about what you’re going to start with… I’m excited to hear your goals!


  1. What a fun way to break down a goal into bite-sized chunks! I thankfully am addicted to way more than 10 minutes a day LOL…but my goal for January is to make a piece with multiple colors. I’ve mostly made items all with one color/skein of yarn…so it’s time to branch out and mix it up a bit!

  2. I love it! I keep saying I’m going to do an animal, but I never find the time, so I’m going to print this off and do one of your animals. If I can crochet and knit scarves, afghans, blankies, and sweaters, surely I can do an animal. Laugh!

  3. lucia thiel SAYS...

    My goal is to crochet Teddybears for the Stacey Mea Teddybear project:

    Where all the bears at the end of the year will be given to them.. That way, when she donates them to nursing homes and kids sick in the hospitals . The kids and elders have something to make them smile everyday. And that is a new plush friend <3 .

    I want to make this goal once a week. One bear, one week. No matter how big or small they will be.. that way, at the end of the year I have enough to give one nursing home or hospital, a bear for every child or elderly X3.

    I already asked in 2012 if I could, and got her address. Now it's just producing…

    With your work sheet I hope it will keep our goal in motion Stacey! And I can't wait to see the bear progress!

    Our next goal after the bear project is to redo it, In a cat project! That way every year we give our crochet time here in Indiana. To the elderly or children in most need of a friend. Hopefully as year pass. There won't be a need for a stacey mae TBP. But for now. I'm just enjoying the world of crochet, knowing my work is going to people who need it the most. ^^. Of course I'll also be using your patterns. But they are being given away to a wonderful cause, so I figured you'd be more happy to know that lol ,

  4. Brenda Claycamp SAYS...

    I enjoy your work and site so much. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. What a great post! It reminds me of the joke Do you know how to eat an elephant? Bite by bite. So I guess if I ask you, do you know how to crochet an elephant? It would be stitch by stitch!

    What a great, non overwhelming way to get things done. I think I want to work on a pig!

  6. L. SAYS...

    My goal is to create one freshstitches project a week. I’ve already lined up the projects I will create, and I’m sure I’ll complete more than the four I chose. Once I start crocheting something, I usually can’t stop!

  7. Justine SAYS...

    My goal for the month is to knit the bird in the Woodland Animals class, my first crochet project ever (except crochet edging on hats). I’ve already watched some of the class and my next steps are to print out the pattern, pick out some yarn from stash, check if I have an appropriate hook (my daughter has a bunch of them) and if not obtain one, and then watch with yarn and hook in hand to try to execute!!

  8. Marie Lofton SAYS...

    Oh gosh.. this was very apropos for what i was thinking of the past few days. I decided to get very OCD this year… i have a small binder… one page has a general list (about 40!) goals for my knitting and crocheting (example: Learn to design and knit a lace shawl ). then I started breaking it down by the month… every month I want to try to do one scarf (design and knit or crochet) , one amigurumi, one “Stacey amigurumi kit amigurumi”, one charity item, etc… so far i haven’t set dates which I know i need to… because i was told if I don’t break it down even further, i may lose sight of how LONG it takes to do each project I have in mind.

    some of these projects, like “learn how to design lace shawl” is going to be ongoing, but i Have to have it done by end of the year. So i guess that is where I need to set up a sheet like yours… but stuff like “crochet amigurumi”.. i know i can do one in a few days, depending on the pattern.. i’ve done a knit monster which took me a loooooooooong time… so something like that i would know to allocate more time….

    i have a feeling i set myself up to fail, in that i have too many things i want to do… when i was younger, i used to set aside MINUTES.. (8am read a book)… but as i got older, i got less OCD and gave myself permission not to meet my goals… i have a problem with anything in the middle.. i’m so black and white. 🙁

  9. Sarah SAYS...

    I love these work sheets they are so cute. I prited lots and am going to give some to my daughter (we’ll probably cross crochet out for her and use stickers)

  10. Claire SAYS...

    I want to finish my crochet! I have all these gorgeous and adorable patterns (mostly from you!) that I want to get finished. Coming up to winter (in Australia) I want to have some beanies and fingerless gloves ready for my friends.

    All this must be fit around crazy erratic hours at the paying job!

    I am printing off my sheets and hopefully this will help remind me to finish what I start (before starting something new).

    Thanks Stacey!

  11. Love the idea!! Thank you for sharing. I love this idea! I am a new follower, can’t wait to see more!

  12. Such a great idea!! I’ve printed out mine for February, but I haven’t decided what my goal will be yet. So far I’ve been thinking either a crochet shawl, crochet baby blanket or a toy – like Nelson the Owl 🙂

  13. Yoely SAYS...

    Thanks for sharing this awesome idea! It will help me a lot with my projects through the year. Right now I’m making the head and body of an amigurumi bear of your class on Craftsy; it’s going great!

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