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How to Applique Faux Fur – video

how to applique faux fur - video

Applique with faux fur is the BEST!

Lots of people use fur to make stuffed animals – but did you know you can use it in quilts too?

Yes – you can!

Make shaggy dogs, fluffy cats, and furry monsters.

Or if you don’t want to make the whole critter furry, maybe just a few parts? Like some long, silky fur on a dog’s ears – or excessively shaggy eyebrows on a silly monster.

I’ve already shown you the basics for working with fur to make stuffed animals. This post shows you how to cut and sew faux fur, and this one shows how to applique regular fabric onto the fur. Today’s video shows you how to applique faux fur onto regular fabric. It’s crazy easy.

Oh – and in case you missed it – here’s info about my favorite source for faux fur.

And if you’re looking for some patterns to try it with, here are a few of my favorites.

  • Scary Squares is my simplest monster quilt pattern. It has lots of big, easy body shapes that would be easy to do with fur.
  • Mix & Match Monsters is a little more complex, with lots of additional parts (spots, stripes, horns, etc) where you could use smaller bits of fur.
  • Lovable Mutts is my easiest dog pattern – lots of big, simple shapes begging for fur.
  • Cuddly Cats is the equally simple cats pattern.
  • Bunches of Bears – one more super simple pattern that would work great with applique faux fur.

Here are links to all the posts about choosing fabric.

And here are links to posts about using specialty fabrics.

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Have fun with this technique!


  1. Mary SAYS...

    I am unable to see your video all I have is a blank screen can you help?
    Regards Mary

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      I’ve checked it out on a few different computers and a few different operating systems and browsers and the video is showing in all of them. I think something must be up with your computer. Sorry. 🙁