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Do you need sharp-tipped knitting needles?

Do you need sharp-tipped knitting needles? Some recommendations from Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches

I’ll level with you. I don’t like sharp-tipped knitting needles.

Do you know why? I’m a pusher:

Point pusher with knitting needles callous

That means that I push on the tip of the needle as part of executing my knitting stitch. A sharp tip means a major ouchie.

But, even I’ll admit: there are times when you need a sharp-tipped knitting needle.

When to use sharp-tipped knitting needles

Some folks love using super-pointy needles all of the time. These folks will tell you that every knitting project is the right time to use sharp-tipped needles.

Knitting with Karbonz needles from Knitter's Pride Review

But what about those of us who have a knitting style that makes using sharp-tipped needles painful? When is it really helpful to use a sharp needle?

Here are a few cases where I reach for my sharp tips:

  • when working with a yarn that’s fuzzy (for example, containing mohair)
  • when using a lace-weight yarn (the tips help you navigate a super-thin yarn)
  • on any pattern that calls for ‘big’ decreases (like k3tog, common in bobbles), since the tip helps you get through all those stitches at once
  • any other time I’m having difficulty manipulating the stitches, perhaps passing one stitch over another

Selecting a sharp-tipped needle

For those of us who don’t love pointy needles, selecting one for occasional use is a pickle. You want a nice, quality needle… but since it’s only going to come out of the cupboard infrequently, you also don’t want to pay too much.

A few that didn’t make the cut…

When I first started knitting, I made my sister-in-law a lace mohair cabled scarf. It was impossible to knit with my regular needles (do to the lace-weight and mohair combo), so I bought a pair of Addi Lace needles.

I absolutely adore Addis, but I sold this Lace circular on ebay the minute I was done with them. Why? The smell of brass as I was working (that was also left behind on my hands) was too much for me to bear.

I’ve also heard fabulous things about the Stiletto tip on Signature needles. Very pointy! But, these needles are an investment… and to get your money’s worth, these needles are best suited to those who like a sharp-tipped needle for everyday knitting.

Knitter’s Pride Karbonz

Just the other week, the perfect solution happened across my desk. Knitter’s Pride’s new line: Karbonz.

carbonz needles

They meet my criteria for a lovely needle: they’ve got a good feel, a smooth join and they’re reasonably priced. And they’re available in circulars, double points and straights. At around $15, they’re a fabulously high-quality needle that’s not out of range for (my) occasional use.


I can’t say for sure whether sharp-tip-lovers will find their new favorite needle in these, but my suspicion is that they tick a lot of boxes. They’re very lightweight (made from carbon fiber), have more flexibility than other metal needles and are warm to the touch.

Downsides? At current, they’re only available in sizes 0 to 4 (but are available in the myriad of half sizes in that range, have a peek here to see the full line). And while the surface of the needle is slick (and certainly smoother than most wood and some aluminum needles), they’re not quite as slick as the nickel-plated Addis.

So, if you’re like me and need a sharp-tipped needle for occasional use that won’t break the bank, give Karbonz a try. And if you like sharp-tips and want a warm light-weight needle, then give them a try, too!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, everyone!




  1. Joan SAYS...

    Oh how exciting mail is gonna be soon, FreshStitches Kit Club will soon be on it’s way . Yep cute marching animals.

  2. I am also a pusher that is why I now have a bunch of the open sided Clover thimbles. They make using my ChiaoGoo red lace needles a breeze. I have not even pulled out my Addis’ since getting my ChiaoGoo ones. I actually just ordered their new interchangeable sets – one of stainless steel and one of bamboo. I may have to see about getting one or two of the Knitters Pride they look really nice.

  3. Jennifer Essad SAYS...

    how do I become a member of the stitch club? I would love to participate

    • @Jennifer- The next batch of sign-ups will open in April/May… details here!

  4. I thought that weird brass smell was just me! Drives me crazy. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the Karbonz.

    • @Jenna- What is with that? I’m so happy it happens to you, too! I’ve talked to a ton of people about it, and only about 10% have noticed… I guess we’re just special 🙂

  5. ZoeOB SAYS...

    I’ve been curious about those needles for a while now but am not a lace knitter so those limited sizes weren’t appealing. Good to know there are options out there. Can’t wait to see what’s in this shipment of the Kit Club!

  6. Bethany SAYS...

    I love pointy needles, and am a fan of Knit Picks Harmony Wood. They have just the right amount of point for me.

    Those kits look awesome all lined up like that.. so much potential!

  7. Gabriela Lambert SAYS...

    Hi! I’m still a beginner and my problem with the sharp tips is that I keep splitting the strands of yarn. Where can I find knitting needles that are not too sharp?

    • Nicole SAYS...

      My first needles were Addi Clicks and I adore them. Pricey but well worth it but not for lace tip. I’m shopping right now for some lace tips. Addis don’t get good lace tip reviews so I may try the Signature needles. Just a little more research to do. Good luck with your knitting!