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A Yarn Lover’s Guide to Washington, DC

Today’s guide to yarn stores in DC is written by Jennifer Crowley, the designer/teacher/blogger at


Jennifer Crowley is a knit and crochet designer who teaches up and down the east coast. You can check out her designs on Ravelry. Recent and upcoming publications include Sockupied, Knitpicks and Classic Elite Yarns.

When not knitting or crochet, she can be often seen zipping around DC and the surrounding area on her bike.

So you are planning a trip to Washington, DC, and you want to visit some yarn stores while you’re there? Well, you are in luck. In addition to being a city full of cultural attractions, there are a number of yarn stores in DC, accessible by a combination of riding the Metro, bus, or walking. If you are fortunate to have a car, the access to yarn stores improves even more. Recent changes have meant that old yarn stores have closed, and new ones are joining the group this year, so it’s a great time to go and check them out.

When I first moved to DC, I didn’t have a car, and was entirely dependent on my bike and public transportation. I have firsthand experience about what stores are the easiest to get to, and in this quick tour I’ll highlight the ones that are accessible by public transportation.

Yarn stores in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

I think of the yarn stores in DC by region. In Maryland, there’s: Woolwinders (8), The Yarn Spot (5) and Knit & Stitch = Bliss (4). In DC, there’s Looped Yarn Works (1) and The Knitting Loft (2). And in Virginia, there’s: Fibre Space (3), Uniquities (7) and Aylin’s Wool Gatherer (6).

Disclaimer: I teach classes at Woolwinders, Fibre Space, and The Yarn Spot as a contract. I do not believe this influenced my review.

Looped Yarn Works

Looped Yarn Works (1) is located on the second story of a beautiful building near Dupont Circle Metro Station, about a 2 ½ block walk away. Looped offers a nice range of different priced yarns. One of the things I love about Looped is the amount of Natural light they have in the store. Susan and Janie, the owners, have put such careful work into making the space welcoming to customers, and are constantly featuring new activities, visiting authors and other events in the store.

Looped Yarn Store DC

How to get there: Looped is located on 1732 Connecticut Ave, NW #200 (remember, they’re on the second floor!) in Washington, DC. The best way to get there is by metro, as there isn’t that much parking in that area of town. Dupont Circle, located on the Red Line, is very close to the store.

The Knitting Loft

The Knitting Loft (2) is one of the newest yarn stores in DC, having opened in the Summer of 2013. As a new store, their selections of yarns are still expanding, but the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming when I stopped by over the summer. The great thing about this store, is they are wheelchair accessible and on the ground level. Located near the Eastern Market, the store is the perfect stop on a day of window shopping.

How to get there: The Knitting Loft’s address is 1227 Pennsylvania Ave Southeast, and is near both the Blue/Orange Line Metro. You can get to it from both the Eastern Market or Potomac Ave stops – both are about a 3 block walk away, though Potomac Ave is marginally closer. Parking, if you choose to drive, is a little bit easier to come by, but I think it’s still easier to metro in.

Fibre Space

Fibre Space (3) is the hip yarn store of Old Town Alexandria. They specialize in hand painted and hand dyed yarns, but have a good range of workhorse yarns too. Fibre Space offers a vibrant array of classes and great space to sit and knit. I always love checking out the window displays when I come to visit – they always have something creative put up! This last time I visited their window had a mannequin with a packed box of yarn – referring to the fact that in a few short weeks they’ll be moving around the corner to a new location that offers more space and versatility. It’ll be exciting to see how the store continues to expand!

Fibre Space Yarn Store Alexandria VA

How to get there: While technically in Virginia, Fibre Space is very accessible to DC and so it’s easy for tourists to visit. Fibre Space’s address is 102 North Fayette Street (for now) and is about 6 blocks from the King Street Metro. It’s a little bit of a walk, but under a mile, and it’s a pleasant walk at that, with lots of stores to widow shop. If you choose to drive, it’s easy to get off 495 and go straight up Route 1 (N Patrick St). You should consider parking along King, Prince, Duke or Queen Street, or any of the cross streets. Then walk to the store. Most parking is one or two hours – so be careful how much time you spend in any one place. If you are planning to make an afternoon out of looking around Old Town Alexandria, take the Metro and save yourself the worry.

The Yarn Spot

The Yarn Spot (5) is my personal “local yarn store” and until I moved this past year, I could easily walk to it in about five minutes. The Yarn Spot features two great places to sit and knit (a circle of couches and chairs and a table) and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Yarn is arranged according to weight, with a middle section that rotates out different yarns that are being featured. They also have spinning supplies and fiber. With a knowledgeable staff – this is the perfect store to go to if you have a “knitting emergency” and need some help. They feature a wide range of yarns, from hand dyed yarns to workhouse yarns like Spud and Cloe Sweater and Encore.

Yarn Spot Wheaton, MD

How to get there: The Yarn Spot’s address is 11406a Georgia Ave, Wheaton, MD. Unfortunately, they are a bit hidden from the road, but if you look for “The Anchor Inn” sign, they are in the shopping center located behind the sign. The store has parking if you choose to drive, or it’s about a 1/2 mile walk from the Wheaton Metro to the store.


Woolwinders (8) is one of my favorite yarn stores in DC for classes. They have very knowledgeable teachers and staff, and every time I go there I learn something new. They have a good selection of mid-range yarns, and highlight some really interesting higher range yarns. The last time I was there I appreciated their selection of Rowan Pattern books. I love how two of the walls of the store are windows, and how much natural light comes into the space. It really makes it easier to choose colors for my projects.

Wool Winders Yarn Store MD

How to get there: Woolwinders is a brisk walk from Shady Grove Metro Station – just under a mile. Located at 404 King Farm Blvd in Rockville, MD, this is also a good store to drive to, with plenty of parking street-side or behind the store.

Knit & Stitch = Bliss

Knit & Stitch = Bliss (4) is one of my favorite stores to go to if I’m looking for patterns or books. They have a really good selection, and a nice area to sit down and flip through all the books and patterns as you are deciding what to work on. Yarn selection runs from midrange to some nice high priced yarns, and they have a great selection of needles and notions. Located near the heart of Bethesda, there’s great shopping and restaurants nearby if you wish to make a short trip of going to the store and picking up dinner or lunch.

How to get there: Knit & Stitch = Bliss is located at 4706 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda MD. If taking the metro, walk West down Rockville Pike until you turn right on Bethesda Ave. If driving, there’s plenty of street parking available, and a few different parking lots if you don’t relish parallel parking.

Aylin’s Wool Gatherer

Aylin’s Wool Gatherer and its compatriot, Uniquties, are both a bit harder to get to by public transportation, but still worth the visit.

Aylin’s Wool Gatherer (6) has the honor of being one of the longest running yarn stores in DC metro area, running upwards of 35 years. Specializing in offering a wide selection of mid-range yarns, including some nylon blends I haven’t noticed elsewhere, this store is a solid addition to the Metro DC Yarn stores. When shopping, prices are listed on sheets throughout the store.

How to get there: Aylin’s is a bit hidden from the street, being located on the third floor of a building (however, there’s an elevator!). Their address is 7245 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA. However, when walking or driving to the store look for the Starbucks in Loehmann’s Plaza, and go around the corner. You’ll see a side entrance to the building; take the elevator to the third floor. The store is down the hall. If you have difficulty, call the store at 703-573-1900 – they are old hands at giving directions. As to transportation, this is one store where driving is definitely easier, though it is possible to take public transportation. If you ride the Metro to the Dunn Loring-Merrifield Station, you can then walk to the Temp Bay D (follow the signs). From there, you can catch the 1B bus towards Ballston Station. Get off at Arlington BV & Graham Rd, and walk towards Loehmann’s Plaza.


Uniquities (7) offers not only yarn to knitters and crocheters, but is one of my favorite stores to check out for their spinning supplies. One of the other things I love about the store is their separate class space, which makes taking classes very pleasant. I also love their yarn choices, with a stunning collection of sock and laceweight yarns, and a wide range of worsted and aran weights too. They carry some of my favorite yarn lines, like Mountain Colors, Blue Sky Alpacas and Manos Del Uruguay.

How to get there: Uniquties is also a store that is easier to drive to. They’re located at 421 Church Street Northeast, Vienna, VA. Driving, there’s a spacious parking lot to park at. If you are looking to take public transportation, take the Metro to the Dunn Loring-Merrifield Station, then walk to Bus Bay B. Take the 2T towards Tysons Corner and get off at R 123 Maple Ave & Beulah Rd. The store is a block away.

Want more stores?

While the eight yarn stores I’ve highlighted here are the easiest to get to via public transportation, there are a few others that deserve honorable mention.

Thanks, Jennifer!

Do you look for yarn shops wherever you travel? We’re also got a guide to yarn shops in Sydney, Australia, and a guide to yarn shops in Manhattan.


    • Brenda SAYS...

      Duh…’s already listed in “honorable mentions” 🙂

  1. There is also Cloverhill Yarn Shop up in Catonsville right up outside of Baltimore which is an easy drive from the DC area.

    And Knit & Stitch = Bliss has around the longest under other names.

  2. Lizzie SAYS...

    I visited most of these shops during the Metro Yarn Crawl. It was the first time I’d been to each of the shops even though I’ve been living in the DC area for almost 7 years now. The employees of all the shops were a pleasure to talk with.

    In addition, if you happen to be in the Takoma Park area, there is a shop called Now and Then that has a unique selection of items including Malabrigo yarn. The yarn selection is rather small (only the Malabrigo) but it’s a great shop to stop by, especially on Sunday when the Farmers Market is up and running.

    • Thanks, Lizzie! Those are great additions… I didn’t even know Now and Then had yarn!

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  4. Thats a brilliant post!
    Im going to vegas in a few weeks, does anyone know of any yarn shops there?

    • I don’t know of any in Vegas, but maybe someone will chime in!
      In the meantime, visit to search for yarn stores! Also, Ravelry has a ‘search by local yarn store’ feature 🙂

  5. alicecontrary SAYS...

    omg this is so great! I found this list just in time to make the lys rounds with my friends muppet and kaylie on a dc trip today! Thanks a bunch!

  6. Hi Stacey,

    I’d like to invite you to my yarn shop and ask that you consider adding it to your yarn lovers guide. My shop is “The Alpaca Yarn & Fiber Shop,” located on my alpaca farm in Upper Marlboro, MD (30 mins from DC – but no public transportation).

    I sell super soft alpaca yarns and blends made from my alpacas – so visitors can often meet the alpaca whose yarn they choose. I hand dye and hand-paint some of my yarns.

    I’m holding an open house/Christmas party on Sat Dec 21 from 10 am – 5 pm. and all knitters/crocheters/yarn lovers are invited.

    I also have a meetup group that normally meets the last Saturday of each month. Here is a link:

    Thanks for your consideration and hope you can make it out.


    • Hi Sue! I live in Minnesota, but I’ll put your shop on my list for next time I’m visiting MD 🙂
      And folks in the DC area can check out your event!

  7. Yuen Ho SAYS...

    Hi, I’m new to knitting but also wanted to add that there is a lovely new yarn shop in Frederick, Maryland which is also just a 30 min drive from DC: The Knot House.

    • Thank you for sharing that one! 🙂

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  9. jeanne SAYS...

    I think you may want to clarify about Knit + Stich = Bliss. It is near the Bethesda Metro. Also, I would mention “Wisconsin Avenue,” specifically, since not everyone know about Wisconsin Ave/Rockville Pike/355 interchangeable term usage. The Rockville metro station is wayyyy up 355, and people may be confused.