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Let’s talk about hair!

doll crochet a long

We’re in the final stretches of the doll-a-long… have you added hair to your doll yet?

I think the hair is one of the most exciting parts because there are so many options! For a general how-to for adding hair, check out this blog post.

Let’s chat hair options, shall we?

Curly Hair

The A Doll Like Me ebook contains instructions for making curly hair:

curly hair doll

Here are a few more tips for working with curly hair for your doll:

  • Keep in mind that if hair is curly, it will appear shorter than if it were straight (due to the curl). You might want to cut longer strands of hair to compensate.
  • The curls are obtained by blocking the yarn into place. Yarns that don’t block well (like acrylic) may not end up as curly as wool yarn.
  • Since the curls are blocked, they will ‘come out’ if you wash/wet your doll’s hair. If you’re planning on machine-washing your doll, go with straight hair.

crochet doll pattern curly hair

Straight Hair

Straight hair can be any length or style! Here are some fun suggestions/tips:

  • If you’d like to add bangs, simply cut some shorter strands and attach at the front of the head.
  • For highlights, cut yarn in a few coordinating colors of yarn.
  • For a bob hairstyle, attach the yarn, and then trim along the bottom so all of the hairs end at the same length.
  • Try putting hair in braids or pigtails!

Which style are you choosing?

The doll-a-long runs until Thursday… still plenty of time to finish yours! Tell me, which hairstyle does your doll have?


  1. Hi Stacey,

    I’ve tried the straight hair method a couple of times and have found that there is just too much hair on the doll. Do you have any recommendation on how to thin it out a little without having bald spots?

    • In the instructions, I specify to insert a piece of hair every 2-3 stitches… instead of every stitch. To me, that leaves the right amount of hair, but if you’re finding that too thick, maybe you want to aim for 1 hair every 4 stitches?

  2. Nancy SAYS...

    For curly hair that stays that way try Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I’ve used it to make fake beards. It takes some time but just unravel a strand and it comes out perfectly! A variety of colors are available.