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This is how I crochet!

Last week, I got a surge of requests from my Ravelry group to post a video of me crocheting.

Who am I to say no?

So… here it is! (Click on the box in the lower right hand corner of the video to view in full-screen)

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

When do you need to change your technique?

Most of the time, I’ll say: you should crochet however you feel like it. Don’t worry about how I crochet. However, there are a few signs that you should change your crochet technique. If you:

  • experience pain after only a short period of crocheting
  • have difficulty getting even stitches
  • struggle to tension your yarn properly
  • find crocheting difficult or annoying

… then the problem might be your technique! Go ahead and watch how I crochet (and watch some other folks, too!) and see if there are some changes that you can make to your style.

Crocheting should make you happy, not ouchy!


  1. Maria SAYS...

    Thanks for showing us how you crochet!!!

    I was really curious as you crochet very speedy and at the same time it looks relaxed and easy on the hands/wrists.
    I am still amazed of how you move the loops with your index finger. I only use the index finger to guide the hook into the stitch.

  2. Ellisen SAYS...

    Great video! Thanks, Stacey. Hook rotation makes such a huge difference.

  3. Karin SAYS...

    I also hold my hook like a knife and crochet very similarly to you. The other way feels completely unnatural to me. Nice to see something other than the pencil hold.

  4. Doug SAYS...

    Very interesting and informative, thank you!

  5. Mary Cast SAYS...

    Hooray! You crochet exactly like I do. I love it. I have been told I crocheted wrong so many times in my nearly 55 years of crochet. My grandma taught me and she did exactly that way. Oh thanks!

    • Thanks for chiming in!
      What’s with all those people who tell us we crochet wrong? Who are they to make crochet rules? 🙂
      So happy to hear this post helped! 🙂

  6. Sally SAYS...

    I am so relieved to see some else crochet like me. All the books tell you to lift your pointy finger to get correct tension and no matter how I try it feels uncomfortable and my crochet looks yuck.
    So seeing you made me realise there are many ways to crochet and no crochet police are about to tell me I’m wrong.

    Sally xxx

    • That’s right! NO ONE can tell you you’re wrong! Isn’t that wonderful?!?

  7. Donie SAYS...

    Thank you for this video. I have had some pain and will be trying your way.

  8. Darlene Lehman SAYS...

    Just wanted to say thanks!! I’ve been crocheting for over 40 years, and it just goes to show you never know, you might learn something new!! Watching your video has pointed out at least 1 adjustment that I can try to keep tension better. I have always struggled with tension; so I have pinned your page so I can go back and do some practice moves. Thank you!!

  9. I am primarily a knitter and I taught myself how to crochet. I hold the yarn in my right hand and throw it around the hook just like I do when I knit. I never knew there were “throwers” and “pickers” in crochet just like there are in knitting! It never even occurred to me that there was another way to do it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Karen SAYS...

      I crochet like that too as have always been used to knitting.
      If the results are the same it doesn’t really matter what technique you use

  10. Phil SAYS...

    Oops – did I cause this mess? I think I’m fine with my right hand, but hold mine a bit different in the left. I’ve never been as happy with how I keep the tension, so I’ll try your way next time.

    • Hahaha! Yes you did! But I wouldn’t call it a mess… I love the conversation!

  11. Debra SAYS...

    I’m so glad you posted this! I have been crocheting for about 13 years and I have kinda given it up because it hurts my wrist so bad. I watched a friend crochet recently and she twisted her hook, and that blew my mind. I have started some projects for christmas and I’ve been trying to twist my hook, but it’s been sad and pathetic. Your video made something click. I picked my hook up this morning and I am getting the hook twisting. Yay!

    • Oh, my goodness… can I tell you how happy that makes me? That’s such good news!

  12. Anonymous SAYS...

    I am so glad that you have shown a different way to crochet because I have not crocheted since a girl and def hold my hook your way and it has been difficult to find a tutorial to help me with tension etc.
    ………thanks. Sue

  13. Michele SAYS...

    I have been crocheting for over 20 years. But I loop my yarn around the opposite way. Always have always will. I get a lot of compliments about how beautiful the things I make are. Is it ok to be looping the opposite way? It still looks the same I guess. I don’t want anyone to think Its wierd. I hold my hook the same way you do though

    • It sounds like it’s working fine for you and you’re happy with the look – so keep doing it!