Block 6 in the Controlled Chaos Scrappy Quilt-Along

Controlled Chaos Block #6 - a scrappy quilt-along from Shiny Happy World

I was out of my studio last week so I didn’t get a block made, but I’m back this week with a brand new color. Yellow! This is its first appearance in the quilt and I definitely like it paired with the blue. (It’s crazy how many blue scraps I have. . .)

Ready to make block #6?

What You’ll Need

  • 70  two-inch squares in color A (shown in blue)
  • 30 two-inch squares in color B (shown in yellow)


Use 1/4″ seam allowances for all sewing.

Arrange your squares according to the diagram below and sew them together into columns.

(I know usually I saw rows here, but this block will be easier worked in columns. That way you have two types – some that alternate blue and yellow and some that are all blue.)

Press all the seams. I’m pressing mine open for this quilt. I think it will make things simpler in the end.

Sew the columns together to make the finished block.

Here’s the exploded view. . .

Controlled Chaos block 6 exploded

Here’s what my six blocks look like so far. . .

Controlled Chaos Scrappy Quilt-Along so far. . .

Love! By next week’s post I’ll decide what the finished size of my quilt will be. I’m thinking about hand-quilting mine. Crazy, right?

Want to see everyone else’s blocks so far? I’ve created a fancy-schmancy gallery here. Go check it out so you can see these blocks made with colors that are different from the ones that dominate my scrap baskets. 🙂 If you’re stitching along – please send photos of your finished blocks! You can use the contact form at the top of any page.

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Happy piecing!

That's me!


  1. Diana SAYS...

    Are you all done with this one?

    • No – I just had to put it on hold for a bit while I make a T-shirt quilt for my daughter. I’ll pick it back up the first week of September. 🙂

      • Diana Marable SAYS...

        Yay! Thanks 🙂