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Fletcher – a FREE Chevron Quilt Pattern

Fletcher - a free pattern for an easy Chevron Quilt from Shiny Happy World

Want to add a dramatic angle to your quilting?

Try this easy chevron quilt pattern. It’s free. πŸ™‚

That’s right – FREE! And that doesn’t mean it’s some skimpy abbreviated form of one of my regular patterns. You’ll get everything one of my regular quilt patterns normally includes.

Complete instructions – including yardage requirements, cutting instructions, and assembly diagrams – for five different sizes.

  • Crib (48″ x 61″)
  • Nap (60″ x 72″)
  • Twin (66″ x 83″)
  • Queen (84″ x 94″)
  • King (108″ x 94″)

Detailed instructions with step-by-step photos showing how to assemble the blocks.

Instructions (and diagrams) for pieced backs for all the quilt sizes.

Links to videos teaching you all the skills you’ll need to complete the project – including basting, quilting and binding.

This is a very easy quilt – easy to cut, easy to sew, and easy to machine quilt. And it’s designed to make efficient use of fat quarters and all your scraps. Wait until you see how this one goes together!

Want the pattern?Β Here’s the link to download it!

Download the Fletcher quilt pattern here.

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Happy stitching!


  1. Vera SAYS...

    This is lovely! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  2. Chie SAYS...

    I was waiting for something like this! THANK YOU SO MUCH πŸ™‚ It’s so pretty!

    • Terry Slater SAYS...

      Working on the fletcher quilt and I don’t really understand how the back is put together. Do you have a better explanation or more pictures of a finished back.

      • I’m not sure what other information you need – the pattern has instructions and complete pictures for all sizes. Can you tell me where you’re getting stuck?

  3. Sarah SAYS...

    Thank you for the free pattern. More interesting than regular blocks but looks easy to assemble. Thank you!

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  5. Jean Green SAYS...

    Thank you for my welcome to your club I know that I am going to enjoy it and also let my Australian friends know about iit. bye for now. Jean G.

  6. Linda Erickson SAYS...

    Hi Wendi,
    Re. your Fletcher quilt pattern: The instructions say to sew on the diagonal 1/4 inch away from line 1 to line 2. Most patterns I’ve seen that use this method of getting an extra 1/2 square triangle this way (in your case to be used on the back of the quilt) say to sew 1/2 an inch away from line 1 to line 2. Is this a typo on your part, or does this mean all the seams will end up only have a 1/8 inch seam allowance? Thanks ahead of time for the clarification. I love your style of writing — phrases like, “do you want to do the math or do you want to start quilting?” are just one example of the times you’ve brought a smile to my face. I can’t believe you’re able to do all you do and still have time to do the regular homemaking tasks of being a wife and mother. You must be an excellent time manager as well. I also enjoy the willingness you have to share the creative experiences you have with your daughter and husband – be it crafts, cooking, writing workshops, or whatever. Your weekly newsletter visits always brighten my day. Thank you, Wendi!

    • Thanks so much for your nice note!

      It’s not a typo, and yes you’re correct that that means 1/8″ seams.

      Usually for 1/2 square triangles you draw a line from point to point and then sew 1/4″ on each side of the line. On mine I actually had you sew on that point to point line, so it’s a little different. I have you sew 1/4″ from that seam because it’s easy – most people have a 1/4″ foot. Nobody has a 1/2″ foot, so that would have been tricky. πŸ™‚ It doesn’t really matter what your seam allowance is in this case – what matters is the accuracy of that stitched line.

      • Anonymous SAYS...

        Would this method still work using 1/4″ sewing from point to point, then sewing next seam 1/2″ & cutting Between the two seams. Thanks

  7. Kakarn SAYS...

    I love the name! It’s so appropriate. It’s a beautiful quilt as well. I think I’ll add it to the queue :o)

    • Melanie Earl SAYS...

      I cannot download the pattern for Fletcher. Please help. The link appears to be broken.

      • I just checked and it’s working now – so it must have been a temporary glitch. Please try again.

  8. Emily K. SAYS...

    I’m not able to get the download link to work. I’m wondering if you have taken the pattern down for some reason. My sister loves this pattern and I had planned to make it for her house warming. Thanks in advance for any help with the link.

    • Thanks for letting me know! It looks like the link got messed up somehow, but I’ve fixed it and it’s good now. Download away! πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous SAYS...


        I’m also unable to get the pattern to download. Can you please help?

        • The download is working now, so hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. Please give it another try.

  9. mira SAYS...

    That’s gorgeous! I love the dramatic, DARK colours that even make those bright blue squares and purple squares fabrics look dramatic instead of the bubbly “child”-like fabric that it’d normally look like. If that makes any sense?!
    You’re fantastic at choosing fabrics!!!

  10. Alicia H. SAYS...

    I am working on the napping size quilt right now and I have a few questions… First off let me warn you this is the first time I have ever quilted before!

    Before you cut the pieces for the backing or binding you should cut off the salvage ends correct? And then use the remaining width of fabric for your pieces?

    • Yes – always cut off the selvedge. If the instructions say to cut a strip 4″ wide they mean a strip 4″ x the full width of the fabric after cutting off the selvedges. That’s pretty standard for any quilting pattern – not just mine. Have fun!

  11. Heather D SAYS...

    Am I reading correctly that the rectangles to make each column with is done using seventeen inch by six and half inch rectangles? Trying to picture it in my head before I start cutting fabric, and measurements don’t add up when I add the 17″ by however many for each column. Just want to verify. I love the quilt pattern and the easiness of it.

    • Yes – you are correct that you cut the rectangles 6 1/2″ wide x 17″ tall. The measurements don’t add up because you lose some height each time you join two rectangles together. If you look at the diagram and imagine the rectangles that the pieces are made from, you’ll see that if you picture the pink chunks as rectangles, the black chunks are much shorter because they share the angled space with the pink. Does that make sense?

  12. Jesn SAYS...

    Thank you for this Chevron Patten, and the chance to join your newsletter! :0) -Jean

  13. Patti SAYS...

    Thanks for such an awesome pattern I can wait to give it a go.

  14. Jane SAYS...

    What if your fabric is directional, let’s say people that you want upright all the time, do you need to cut your blocks differently?

    • Yes – if you’re using a directional fabric you’ll possibly need to cut it the long way instead of in strips across the width of the fabric. It depends on the print. It’s also always a good idea to buy a little extra of any directional fabric (just like a plaid or napped print) because you may need to cut it in a slightly less efficient way to keep the print running the way you want.

  15. Alicia H SAYS...

    Back again with another question! I finally finished my quilt top and backing after months of work (full time work and full time student don’t lend much time for quilting) but I have noticed my quilt back was very uneven… The lines where I joined the extra triangles together were much longer than the single back piece of 80″ and so I cut it to 80″ and sewed to make one whole quilt back but now the back of my quilt is a good 5″-6″ bigger all the way around than my quilt top! Is this normal and just room to straighten up edges after I layer? Or should I cut excess off the large plain side in order to make my triangle lines fit? Sorry first time quilter here learning as i go!

  16. Meaghan SAYS...

    Hi! I’m trying to download the pattern but it keeps saying the service isn’t available? Did it maybe get moved or something?

    • I think there were some updates happening last night that may have made things glitchy for a bit. It’s all working properly now. πŸ™‚

      • Kendra SAYS...

        I can’t click on the link πŸ™

        • Hmmm. I’m not sure what the problem was, but I just checked it and everything is working fine now. Maybe just try again?

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  19. Anonymous SAYS...

    How is it quilted?

    • I quilted mine in parallel lines running the length of the quilt Β­ 1 1/2″ apart. The pattern has a link to a video showing how.

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  21. Thank you for this pattern – I have been wanting to make a chevron quilt without joining HSTs like most of them are – yours is just what I was looking for πŸ™‚

  22. Danielle whitehouse SAYS...

    Hello, thank you for the download. I am a beginner and attempting your pattern. However I seem to be at a cross roads at the early stages. When piecing the rectangles together to make a strip do you repeat the “L” step 2 and 3? I have laid mine all out and it does not appear to mirror yours..

    Thank you

    • You use the L shape to add each new rectangle to your strip.

  23. Anonymous SAYS...

    Really like this pattern but I would like to cut it out on my go big cutter do u have instructions for that

    • Sorry, I’ve never used a Go cutter. I’m guessing they have a half-square triangle die – you could adapt the pattern to work with that.

  24. Paula Waters SAYS...

    Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern. It was so easy to . It is the first quilt I have ever made and was a complete success.

  25. How do I get the pattern for the Fletcher chevron quilt. Thanks

    • Just click where it says “Download the Fletcher quilt pattern here.”

  26. Pepie SAYS...

    thanks for that great pattern for free :o).
    The instructions are easy to follow, also for non-native speakers.

  27. Donna SAYS...

    I made this pattern and it is beautiful. I made it for my grandson’s wedding present and they will love it. Thank you for the pattern. It was fun and fairly easy to make.

  28. margaret Mcgowen SAYS...

    I am in the process of making the Fletcher quilt. I only have to bind the edges. My Granddaughter found the pattern. She wanted one for her newly decorated bedroom. I have made it approx. 72 inches square in dusty pinks and light greys. When we went shopping fo the fabric we only had the picture of your quilt on her phone and the amount of fabric required. It was not until I had downloaded the pattern that I realised how the material was cut and found out about the design feature on the reverse of the quilt. Ididn’t want the deisgn feature on the back, so I slightly amended the cutting instructions by making templates to make the chevron shapes. The cutting 2 strips of fabric wrong sides together at once, similarly I made the triangles for the top and bottom. I actually managed to save a lot of material as the templates nested together and I was able to cut 3 shapes and 2 triangles form one width of fabric. The quilt has come out beautiful. I free machined quilted it this afternoon. I am really please how it has come out. Thank you for the pattern.

  29. paige hammarlund SAYS...

    What do I do in between step 3 & 4? my fabric is still in an L shape and I don’t know how you got to the point in step 4

  30. There’s definately a lot to learn about this issue.
    I love all of the points you have made.

  31. Jessica SAYS...

    What is the name of the fabric you used? I love it.

    • Sorry – I don’t remember. πŸ™ It was years ago, so I’m sure it’s long out of print.

      • Anonymous SAYS...

        Thanks for replying. It’s beautiful.

  32. Charlene Unkel SAYS...

    Trying to download the quilt pattern for the fletcher Chevron quilt but can not get it downloaded.

    • I just tested the link and it’s working fine now. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. Please give it another try. If you continue to have trouble with it, try updating your browser. That fixes all kinds of random, weird problems.

  33. Barbara Fouche SAYS...

    Hi I can not find link to instructions on making the Fletcher quilt – please help!

    • It’s near the bottom of the post. Just click where it says “Download the Fletcher quilt pattern here.”

  34. elle SAYS...

    This is lovely! Thank you!

  35. MJ SAYS...

    Link for free download does not connect…any troubleshooting?

    • I just tested the link and it’s working now, so hopefully it was a temporary glitch. Please give it another try.

  36. Dennice Rossi SAYS...

    Hi. I have a question about the instructions. Quite possible I’m not understanding them. When sewing together in steps 1-3 you do one seam and then the other 1/4” away from 1st line. Then cut apart in between the two seams. Doesn’t this create a 1/8” seam for the whole quilt? That seems so small. Please correct me if I am not understanding. I have everything cut ready to go. Thank you

    • Yes – that creates a 1/8 inch seam. In my experience that’s not really a problem since you’re cutting AFTER sewing – it’s trying to maintain an even 1/8 inch seam allowance that’s really hard. But if you want a normal 1/4 inch seam , that’s easy to do. You still need to sew your first seam directly ion the line you drew from corner to corner. That will keep those pieces the correct size. Then sew your second seam 1/2 inch from the first. Your scrap triangles will end up a smidge smaller – but they’re just scrap triangles you can use on the back – it doesn’t matter that they aren’t exactly the same size as the front pieces.

  37. Kim SAYS...

    Lovely pattern, thank you so much!

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  39. I’m unable to get the link for pattern to work.

    • I just tested the link and it’s working now – so hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. Please give it another try.

  40. Erin SAYS...

    Sewing a quilt has always been on my bucket list. Thanks to your easy and helpful website I was able to finish my first ever quilt with the fletcher pattern! Thank you for breaking everything down step by step. The videos really helped me.

  41. Not able to download Fletchrt quilt

    • I just checked and it’s working now, so hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. Please try again.

  42. Jennifer SAYS...

    I cannot get the pattern to download to be able to print

    • I just tested it and it’s working now, so hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. If you still run into problems, try checking to see if there’s an update available for your browser. That can fix a LOT of weird issues. If you go to it will tell you if there’s an update available.

  43. Susan O. SAYS...

    I can’t download the free Chevron pattern

    • I just tested it and the link is working, so hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. Please give it another try, and if you continue to have troble, please check to make sure your browser is updated. You can go to to see if there’s an update available. That fixes all kinds of weird problems. πŸ™‚

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  45. Mary Lou Green SAYS...

    I am wondering if anyone has used a fabric that has the design going one way? Do I need to try to fussy cut or just let it go?

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