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T-shirt Quilt – Almost Finished

T-shirt Quilt In progress - tutorial at Shiny Happy World

Here’s a quick update on the T-shirt quilt.

22 blocks finished, 8 still to go.

But I only have 5 T-shirts left in my pile!

Jo’s cleaning out her closet today and she may pull out a couple more that are getting too small. If that doesn’t net us three more I’ll be hitting my fabric stash and just cutting 3 big blocks of fabric she loves for the last few squares.

We had one of her favorite T-shirts that didn’t make it into the quilt. It was just too tall and she didn’t want to lose any of the image – not even a smidgen. So she asked if I could make her a pillow out of it.

Soft Kitty T-shirt pillow


It’s a nice squishy pillow and she loves it!

I used this method to make the pillow – only instead of adding framing all the way around I just added strips to the sides. It’s the same idea though! And I always put a zipper in the back so I can remove the cover and wash it.

Jo LOVES these pillows and uses them instead of bed pillows. In case you’re wondering, it’s Fairfield brand Home Elegance Ultimate Luxury PIllow – it feels exactly like a pricey down pillow but it’s less expensive and machine washable. Win!

You can see all the posts about making a T-shirt quilt here.

And don’t forget about Diane Gilleland’s online T-shirt Quilt Class happening today!

Happy sewing!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)


  1. I’ve been enjoying following along as you’ve been posting about the progress of the t-shirts quilt; I love this pillow (and Big Bang!).

    I watched the first session and part of the second session of Diane’s class today and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I ended up buying the class so I can go back and watch it in full, as I won’t be able to watch the rest of today’s sessions or much of tomorrow’s sessions in real time. It’s been a fantastic class thus far!

    • I loved it too – and I learned so much! I was totally floored when she said that interfacing had grain. I had no idea!