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Block 11 in the Controlled Chaos Scrappy Quilt-Along

Controlled Chaos Block #11

Here’s block #11 in the Controlled Chaos Quilt! This one is super simple and easy.

What You’ll Need

  • 40  two-inch squares in color A (shown in purple)
  • 60 two-inch squares in color B (shown in pale blue)


Use 1/4″ seam allowances for all sewing.

Press all the seams. I’m pressing mine open for this quilt. I think it will make things simpler in the end.

Arrange your squares according to the diagram below.

Controlled Chaos Block #11 exploded

Super easy. Sew the blocks into columns, then sew the columns together into a beautiful stripy block.

Here’s what my eleven blocks look like so far.

11 blocks of Controlled Chaos

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Happy piecing!

That's me!


  1. Sherry Meyer SAYS...

    This is great – too bad I didn’t find your blog until tonight! That’s ok though, just downloaded all 11 of the scrappy blocks and going to try to start this soon. What a great idea for using up scraps. I’m even thinking you could go even more controlled with using fewer colors but lots of fabrics. I have so much fabric in my stash that I’m ashamed to say I rarely use scraps. I have boxes of them though, this would be the perfect project to dwindle down that stash of scraps! Thanks!

  2. Cindi SAYS...

    I love the blue monkey fabric and the purple one with the paws. I’m actually starting to get jealous of your scrap collection. Need to get to the store and pick up some more fabric since I’m using the same ones over and over again. Having a great time using this.

    • One of the reasons I started this quilt was because my scrap bins were overflowing. I was rearranging things in my sewing room and realized that the amount of space I was devoting to storing baskets of teeny-tiny-barely-usable scraps was out of control. 🙂