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Knitting Phi: technique for carrying yarn across stripes

Do you want to see what I’m working on?

Phi Shawl

I’m knitting Phi, a fabulously fun garter stitch shawl.

Phi shawl

The shawl has stripes that can be quite thick, so you need to carry the unused yarn up the side of the thick stripes. I came up with a little technique for how to do this in a way that’s nearly invisible on the right side (a modification of the technique suggested by the designer), and I thought you might be interested!

Here’s the video!

That’s what I’ve been up to this week… how about you? I hope you have an awesome Wednesday, and get some great knitting/crocheting done this week!

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  1. Lillian Steneker SAYS...

    Like the tutorial on carrying wool along edge – no ends. I wonder if you have ever considered carrying on both sides alternatively so the pattern of the carried yarn would be part of the design. I am on my way to a family wedding so haven’t time to experiment – don’t want to lose the thought before I get back. Good video and thanks. Lillian

    • The technique that the designer recommends has the carries more as a part of the design… I wanted it totally hidden.

  2. Margaret SAYS...

    Great idea Stacey. Thanks for sharing.