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Controlled Chaos Block #13 – Scrap Quilt Tutorial

Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt - Block 13

I realized that I didn’t have much diagonal action in the quilt yet, so I’m correcting that with the next few blocks.

Here’s block #13 in the Controlled Chaos Quilt!

What You’ll Need

  • 48  two-inch squares in color A (shown in purple)
  • 52 two-inch squares in color B (shown in yellow)


Use 1/4″ seam allowances for all sewing.

Press all the seams. I’m pressing mine open for this quilt. I think it will make things simpler in the end.

Arrange your squares according to the diagram below.

Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt - Block 13

For this block I sewed things up in rows. First we’ll sew some groups of like colors together. . .

1. Sew up 12 sets of three purple squares.

2. Sew up 14 sets of three yellow squares.

3. Sew up 4 pairs of two purple squares.

4. Sew up 4 pairs of two yellow squares.

Use the diagram above to sew those groups into rows.

Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt - Block 13

Then sew those rows into one fabulous block. 🙂

That’s 13 blocks done – just 7 more to go!

Controlled Chaos quilt so far - 13 blocks

I still haven’t decided whether I’ll use sashing between the blocks or not. If I do it will be in a nice slate grey. If I d0 use sashing it’ll be 310 seams I don’t have to match up – a major plus in my book. 🙂

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Happy piecing!

That's me!


  1. JANE SAYS...

    I don’t know how I missed this quilt as I get your emails, but I just saw it. Getting enough colors may be a trick for me since I live so far away from the city, but I am going to check my stash and I do want to try this quilt as it is so colorful. Right now I am working on a hexagon quilt and a cathedral window quilt, but at least that gives me time to start collecting and cutting fabric for your quilt. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. I appreciate all you do to teach us such fun things.

    • I had to take a break from this quilt over the holidays, but I’m getting back to it this week! I’m working on my very first hexie project now and I was thinking yesterday that it would be fun to do a hexie version of Controlled Chaos. 🙂

      • Jane Thomas SAYS...

        The hexie I have was going to be all hand sewn, but after sewing down each hexie, I have decided I will be 125 years old when I finish, so I am going to sew them on the machine. I will be 70 tomorrow and my clock is running backward now.

  2. Beverley SAYS...

    Hi Wendi,
    I’m trying to find the first blog post about this quilt, but all the “go here for all the posts about this quilt” bring me to this page. You’re so organized, so I know it’s something I’m missing. Can you help me find the first one? I want to read them in order.