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Heart Garland – a free pattern for Valentine’s Day

Felt Heart Garland - a free Valentine's Day pattern from Shiny Happy World

Crafting for Valentine’s Day is so much fun – especially since you don’t have to put the decorations away after the holiday’s over. Hearts never go out of season!

This pretty heart garland is easy to make (Just one stitch! And there’s a link to a video showing you how to do it!) and it’s a great way to use up tiny felt scraps and stray bits of thread. 🙂

Want the pattern? Here we go!

All stitching is done with two strands of embroidery floss.

Step 1

Download the pattern templates here.

Print them out at 100% size (or whatever size you like). I really like using freezer paper for small pieces like this. Just iron it down to the felt, cut out the shape, peel off the paper and reuse it for the next one.

For each disc, cut out two large circles, one small circle, and one heart. I used lovely wool felt scraps for all of mine. (If you want your discs to have hearts on both sides, just cut out two of everything.)

For each foot of garland you’ll need 9 finished discs.

Step 2

Stack one large circle, one small circle, and one heart.

Blanket stitch around the heart, stitching through all three layers of felt.

Step 3

Blanket stitch around the smaller circle.

You’ll be stitching through two layers of felt.

Step 4

Layer the second large circle on the back of the disc and blanket stitch around the edge of the two layers.

Now you won’t see the back of any of your embroidery. Neat and tidy!

Step 5

Make as many discs as you want.

Each foot of garland needs 9 finished discs.

Step 7

Find a needle that’s longer than your disc is wide. Cut a length of stringing cord ­- I used one yard of pretty baker’s twine.

Thread the needle with the cord.

Step 8

Thread the needle between the two layers of felt, stringing the disc onto the cord.

Step 9

Continue adding discs until your garland is finished.

Admire your work! Isn’t it pretty?

Heart Garland - a free pattern from Shiny Happy WorldNow hang it somewhere where it will make you smile every time you see it. :­)

Stitch up some love!

Have a great day, everyone!

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  2. Sandy SAYS...

    That is gorgeous! Thank you for the free pattern!!

  3. Sandy SAYS...

    I love this pattern and am going to do this with my daughter. I’ve only ever blanket stitched when the edges of the two pieces of fabric are up against each other. I know this is silly, but I’m finding myself confused about how to blanket stitch the heart to the circle without having the thread go over the top of the circle. Could you point me to a video that shows how to applique in blanket stitch?

  4. Fiona SAYS...

    How does the heart hold itself up?

    • You attach the garland to the wall with tape (I like to use washi tape) or a couple of pushpins.

  5. Jackie Buck SAYS...

    You do such a cute job with your talents. Love all your designs and can’t wait to put some time aside to get some sewing projects together.

  6. Dee SAYS...

    I need to move also, so I can walk everywhere! How are you decluttering & organizing your craft materials and books, and patterns and etc etc?