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Show & Tell Time!

Last week’s Show & Tell post was all about quilts. This week I’m sharing the amazing stuffed animals you all have been making!

A Warren Mobile!

Let’s start with this incredible mobile Tess made!

She posted complete instructions on her blog so you can make one too! Look at the details she added to the bears. . .

Awesome mobile made from the free Warren pattern!

The beard! The monocle! The bowtie! I love them all!

Pattern: Warren the Charity Bear (free)

Sweet Softies and Adorable Kids

I absolutely love this photo that Carrie sent of her girls with the softies she’s made for them.

Adorable softies and adorable kids - both made by Carrie

She writes. . .

I’m just realizing on this trip how much my girls really do love their softies!  That’s Ellie all snuggled up with a Fat Cat. Kate’s favorite way to snuggle with Bertie is to use its belly as a pillow and the big feet to warm her ears!

And look at this!

Adorable softies and adorable kids - both made by Carrie

Photos like this make me so happy!

Patterns: Franklin the Fat Cat and Bertie Bunny. She made the cute kids with no pattern at all!

Beautiful Blue Benson Bunny

Kim made this beautiful Benson Bunny!

Beautiful Blue Benson Bunny made from a baby blanket

She’s in the UK and couldn’t find the cuddle fleece that I used. Guess what she used instead?

I actually made my bunny out of a very soft and ‘feel-y’ baby blanket I bought in a discount store (£4 – maybe $6? – for a blanket 1m x 0.75m) – it worked well, but it was very fluffy to work with! The Soft and Stable was easy to work with and actually made the sewing a bit easier when it was that side down! Everything else I had, so he was an economical project for me. 🙂

He looks so huggable!

Pattern: Benson Bunny

Lots of Warren Bears – All Different!

Kathy has been busy making lots and lots of Warren bears to send to Aids orphans in South Africa through the organization Knit-a-Square. Just look at them!

Lots of colorful and fun Warren Bears - made with a free pattern from Shiny Happy WorldI love how bright and colorful they are!

Kathy writes. . .

You can probably tell how much I love making them, and am building up supply choices so each bear is different. Then each child will feel individual and special, well I hope so anyway. 🙂

I love the addition of the stars and butterflies!

Pattern: Warren the Charity Bear (free)

More Charity Bears

Caroline also donates her bears through Knit-a-Square. Look at the pretty ones she made!

Charity Bears for Knit-a-Square, made by Caroline

I love those soft pink ones! And the brown bear has terrific eyes!

Pattern: Warren the Charity Bear (free)

Fabulous Leonard

Leonard is one of my favorite patterns, and this version is spectacular!

Fabulous Leonard made by Caitlin

I love, love, LOVE the color choices! So perfect and monstrous! And that furry back. 🙂

Pattern: Knuckleheads

A Sweet Warren

I love this bear that Laney made!

Sweet Warren Bear made by Laney

Look at that herringbone tummy patch! It matches one of the squares in the quilt!

Pattern: Warren the Charity Bear (free)

A Squishy Bertie Bunny

Look at the bunny that Patricia made!

A super squishy Bertie Bunny!

She writes. . .

I thought you might like to see a picture of Buster in white velour.  I had forgotten how tricky velour can be as it insists on curling. Happily, our fabric store did have the doll needles.  I made him for my great niece’s first birthday, along with a pile of favourite books my grandsons no longer read.

That velour can be kind of a bear to work with (the curling makes me crazy) but it does make spectacularly squishy softies. 🙂

Pattern: Bertie Bunny

An Epic Pile of Charity Bears

This just takes my breath away!

A massive pile of Charity Bears - all waiting to be donated!

Beatrice made all of these bears to donate to orphanages and cancer hospitals in Egypt, where she lives.

How many?

The photo shows 54 bears, but she’s actually made 62. 62 bears! And they’re all baby safe with sewn-on eyes.


Pattern: Warren the Charity Bear (free)

Milton Monkey

Karen made this dapper monkey.

A dapper Milton Monkey made by Karen.

She writes. . .

My dog Zoey want this to be a squeaky toy sooo badly!

My dog Augie always wants to check out the softies I make – but they’re never for him. He can chew through one in minutes!

Pattern: Milton Monkey

A Sweet Piggy

Terri made this adorable round piggie!

Terri's adorable round piggy, made with a pattern from the book Creature Camp

Isn’t she a cutie! Her name is Petunia. 🙂

Pattern: Percy the Piggy from the book Creature Camp

A Pair of Silly Monkeys

Brett made two monkeys!

a pair of silly monkeys made by Brett

She writes. . .

Here’s my Milton. He turned out so cute! My daughter wanted him to have a friend, so she picked out this pretty lady. Love the bow!!

I love the pink tummy! And using the bowtie as a hair bow is a great idea!

Pattern: Milton Monkey

Best Friends

Susan made this adorable Elliott and his best friend, Maurice.

Adorable Elliott and his best friend, Maurice - made by Susan

Aren’t they cute together?

Patterns: Elliott Elephant and Maurice the Mouse

And a Milton

Susan made this Milton too!

a dapper Milton Monkey made by Susan.

I love him!

Pattern: Milton Monkey

AND a Pig AND a Puppy!

Susan made these cuties too!

Adorable Nellie and Buster - made by Susan

Wow – she’s been busy! She writes. . .

I wanted to show you the two softies that I made for my niece and nephew in San Diego. We Facetimed with them on Christmas, and my sister-in-law said my niece loved Nellie – I also included a spiderweb and Aranea as well.


Pattern: Nellie the Pig and Buster the Dog

A Wee Mouse

Marian made this little black and white mouse as a holiday gift.

A tiny mouse with Santa

She posted about it here. You can find more info there too about that Santa. 🙂

Pattern: Mischief of Mice

Silly Friends

Susan sent in this cute photo of Nellie with her best friend Aranea sitting on her nose. 🙂

Nellie and Aranea goofing around - made by Susan

Patterns: Nellie the Pig and Aranea the Spider

A Silly Snake

My little Snake Charmers pattern is often the first thing kids grab when I teach classes. I love what Emma did with it!

Emma enlarged the little Snake Charmers pattern to make a huge boa constrictor!

She enlarged it (a LOT!) and made an awesome boa constrictor!

Pattern: Snake Charmers (free)

A Spunky Puppy and Kitty

Normajean shared these incredibly cute photos of her new puppy chasing her kitty up in a tree.

Absolutely adorable cat and dog softies made by Normajean

She writes. . .

I bought your Buster pattern last week.  You said he’s a drooly dog, but you didn’t warn us that he’s so scrappy and spunky! The phat cat is still up in the tree!  That’s one spunky puppy.  I didn’t have any pellets and live over an hour away from any fabric/craft store, so I put a ball of fiberfill only in the ends of his ears.  I used a lighter shade of yellow for the inside of his ears and front paws.  Gotta go with what you have on hand!

Love! Love! Love!

Patterns: Buster the Puppy and Franklin the Fat Cat

Can you believe I still have photos to share? Next week I’ll be sharing some of the places you all donate your creations, then I’ll be back with more Show & Tell. I think the next one may be all Dress Up Bunch dolls and clothes!

Happy sewing!

That's me!



  1. I love seeing all the cute variations of your patterns that people make!

  2. sharon SAYS...

    Amazing creativity from generous folks!

  3. Alexa SAYS...

    I wish I can do that 🙁

    • You can! All my patterns have links to video tutorials that teach every skill you’ll need for each project. You can do it! 🙂