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Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt – Block #15

Controlled Chaos scrap quilt tutorial - block 15

Here’s block #15 in the Controlled Chaos Quilt!

What You’ll Need

  • 48  two-inch squares in color A (shown in pink)
  • 52 two-inch squares in color B (shown in green)


Use 1/4″ seam allowances for all sewing.

Press all the seams. I’m pressing mine open for this quilt. I think it will make things simpler in the end.

Arrange your squares according to the diagram below.

Controlled Chaos scrap quilt tutorial - block 15

For this block I sewed things up in rows. The top and bottom rows are identical, as are rows 2 and 9, rows 3 and 7, etc. Knowing that can help you sew them up in batches.

Then sew those rows into one fabulous block. 🙂

That’s 15 blocks done – just 5 more to go!

Controlled Chaos scrap quilt tutorial - block 15

I love how it’s coming together! And I feel like I’m so close to finishing!

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Happy piecing!

That's me!



  1. GrandmasBeans SAYS...

    Another favorite block layout! Love the colors and the pattern. Thanks for sharing your block patterns.

  2. Cindi SAYS...

    Love this and the last block. I think they’re my favorites. Hope you get the next ones soon cause I’m about to start this one. Can’t wait to get this quilt done and see how they all look together.

    • I’ll be getting back on it in a few weeks – as soon as I finish prep for The Big Top Secret Project. 🙂

  3. Rachel Power SAYS...

    This is so lovely – I am a total novice…. I needed to make a cover for an ironing board, it wasn’t to bad but not to great either! I know the only way to get better is keep practicing, but Wendi your quilt patterns don’t look TOO difficult…., Rchl

    • I design them especially to be easy! The Controlled Chaos scrap quilt is actually one of my harder things. It’s not so much that it’s difficult, as that it’s fiddly and slow. But it’s a great way to use up scraps! If you want to try a super easy quilt to start with I’d recommend Buttonholes or Flower Garden – or any of the applique quilts. They’re all in this section of the shop.