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Is the Invisible Decrease right for you?

What is the Invisible Decrease?

If you crochet amigurumi, you have probably heard of the Invisible Decrease. The Invisible Decrease is another name for slip stitching 2 together through the front loop.

The result is a decrease that is thinner (and less bumpy) than a regular decrease.

Is it right for you?

I often get asked if I recommend the Invisible Decrease. And my answer is, “it depends”.

The Invisible Decrease is designed to reduce the thickness in fabric when you’re crocheting through both loops.

As you may know, I prefer crocheting through the back loop only. This creates a less-dense fabric than crocheting through both loops.

Crocheting through the back loop

When you crochet through the back loop, the ‘extra bulk’ of the decrease isn’t a problem! You should happily do your normal decrease!

single crochet 2 together from FreshStitches


If you’re still looking to cut down on bulk while crocheting through the back loop, you can slip stitch 2 together as your decrease, but just don’t do it through the front loop.

Just be aware that because the Sl St2tog is ‘smaller’ than a normal Sc2tog, this could change the appearance of your final piece if your decreases are stacked.




  1. Elizabeth SAYS...

    Since I learned how to do ami from you – and only recently have not even done anyone else’s patterns – I’ve never heard of this! Looks like a good technique to know, though.

  2. I’m with you , Stacey. I like to crochet amigurumi through the back loop only, so I wouldn’t need to do this invisible decrease. I’d actually never heard of it until I read your post, so thanks for the info, even though I won’t use it for amigurumi! 🙂