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Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt – Block #17

Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt - block 17

Here’s block #17 in the Controlled Chaos Quilt!

What You’ll Need

  • 48  two-inch squares in color A (shown in orange)
  • 52 two-inch squares in color B (shown in green)


Use 1/4″ seam allowances for all sewing.

Press all the seams as you go. I’m pressing mine open for this quilt. I think it will make things simpler in the end.

Arrange your squares according to the diagram below.

Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt - block 17

For this block I worked in columns. I sewed things up in the following order. . .

  • Sew all your individual squares into pairs of matching colors. You should have 24 orange pairs and 26 green pairs.
  • Sew the orange squares into columns – each 2 blocks x 8 blocks.
  • Add a green pair to the top and bottom of each orange column.
  • Sew the remaining green pairs into 4 strips, each 10 blocks long.
  • Assemble the final block by alternating green columns with the columns that have the orange in them.

That’s 17 blocks done – just 3 more to go. THREE!

Controlled Chaos Scrap Quilt - 17 block finished, 3 to go

Did I mention just three blocks left? I’d better do the math and figure out how much fabric to order for the sashing and the back. I’ll include that info with next week’s block. 🙂

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Happy piecing!

That's me!