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Felt Craft – Free Bear Coasters Pattern

Felt Craft - free bear coasters pattern

You all know how much I love my felt craft projects. ๐Ÿ™‚ My latest are these sweet bear coasters – easy, fun and portable hand stitching.

Download the bear templates here. (One sheet has all the pieces needed for six bear coasters.)

If you want to make something besides bears, you can use any of my applique patterns. Just print the pieces at 40% size. You’ll find more info about resizing a pattern here.

Here’s how to make them.

Cut two 4-inch squares of wool felt for each coaster.

If you live in a humid place where one beverage will soak through two layers of wool felt in no time, cut a 3 1/2 inch square from something waterproof for each coaster. It doesn’t matter what it looks like – it will be hidden inside the coaster. I use a shower curtain liner. ๐Ÿ™‚

Download the pattern and print (or trace) the pieces onto freezer paper. The sheet has enough pieces for 6 coasters.

Rough cut around the pieces and fuse the freezer paper to wool felt. Cut out all the pieces. Cut right through the felt and the freezer paper – it helps you get neat cuts on all those tiny pieces.

partially finished felt bear applique

Leave a little extra seam allowance past the dotted lines at the base of the ears – that bit will tuck under the head for a neat finish.

partially finished felt bear applique

Peel off the freezer paper backs and assemble all the pieces (tucking the ears under the head) on one of your coaster squares. I like to swipe the backs with a little dab of fabric glue stick, but you can use pins if you don’t mind your thread snagging on them every other stitch. ๐Ÿ™‚

brown felt applique bear on a blue background square

Appliquรฉ all the parts in place using whipstitch and two strands of matching thread.

Felt Craft - free bear coaster pattern

Layer a plain back with the bear front, slipping a waterproof square between the layers if desired.

Felt Craft - free bear coaster pattern

Whipstitch the layers together around the edge and you’re finished!

Here are the colors I used for my set. I used black for all the eyes and noses. I recommend shopping Benzie Design for felt. they have a HUGE selection of colors! One sheet of felt will make three coasters.

  • background – denim
  • bear – Tahitian sunset
  • muzzle and belly – copper
Felt Craft - free bear coaster pattern
  • background – enchanted forest
  • bear – coffee
  • muzzle and belly – Tahitian sunset
Felt Craft - free bear coaster pattern
  • background – vineyard
  • bear – copper
  • muzzle and belly – cobblestone
Felt Craft - free bear coaster pattern
  • background – loden
  • bear – Tahitian sunset
  • muzzle and belly – cobblestone
Felt Craft - free bear coaster pattern
  • background – blue snow
  • bear – white
  • muzzle – smoky marble
Felt Craft - free bear coaster pattern
  • background – babbling brook
  • bear – licorice
  • muzzle – Tahitian sunset

My favorite is the one with the purple background. Jo’s favorite is the polar bear. Alan is still at San Diego Comic Con so he hasn’t claimed one yet. Which is your favorite?

Here are several free patterns that work with my basic 10-inch applique squares – no resizing needed!

Here are several free patterns that work with just some simple resizing. This post about making coasters has info about resizing an applique pattern that can be applied to any of these projects.

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Happy stitching!


  1. Sandy SAYS...

    Wendi, Thank you for the free pattern. I love these little guys!!

  2. Brenda C. SAYS...

    These are adorable, would also make a lovely, playful quilt (hint-hint). As always, thank you for your generosity!! May you continue to be blessed with creative ideas.

  3. I’m a felt fanatic too! These coasters are adorable. Thanks for the pattern and how-to.

    • You’re welcome! I’ll be posting soon showing how to use this basic technique to turn any of my applique patterns into felt coasters. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sharon Parker SAYS...

    Thank you so much for the adorable bear project! They are so creative and will be a fun project to stitch while spending time with the hubs watching TV!

  5. Thank you Iam going to try the costers. they look so cute.

  6. Virginia SAYS...

    Is the black eyes, nose and smile done with thread or something else?

  7. Greta SAYS...

    Hi Wendi I have been watching your for several years… Soon to start quilting your way. I am on your mailing list and needed these instructions so p your instruction I signed up for the mailing list again. I got errors saying my email address was already used. Sigh I did it twice… same thing. What am I doing wrong?

    • Make sure you use the link in the body of the post (where it says “Sign up for the Shiny Happy News using this link and you’ll get the PDF in an instant email.”) That’s a special link that activates an automated email that sends you the pattern.

  8. Tersea SAYS...

    Adorable! Do you mail to Mexico? I can only get acrylic felt here, and not even very good quality.

    • I do! But international shipping can be expensive. ๐Ÿ™ Just add the items you want to the cart and start the checkout process. The system will calculate the shipping (it’s based on weight) and you’ll see the total before you need to enter any payment info, so if it’s too much you can easily back out.

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  10. pam SAYS...

    i love your style. i never appliqued (?) but after seeing your posts i started and now i am neglecting 3 quilts because of it. thanks so much for sharing your creativity and tips!