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Free Moose Applique Pattern

Free Moose Applique Pattern from Shiny Happy World

Every time I release a pattern I get requests for additional blocks. It’s usually just one or two people with very specific requests, but when I released the Woodland Critters pattern I got a LOT of requests for a moose block.

Clearly I should have included a moose!

I can fix that. 🙂

So here’s a moose pattern!

It’s sized to fit on the same size block as the rest of the animals in the Woodland Critters quilt, but you can easily size it up or down to use it in all kinds of different projects. (This post about using my quilt patterns to make coasters has more info about resizing.)

Download the pattern pieces here.

Trace the moose pattern onto the paper side of your favorite fusible adhesive. I’m head over heels in love with these printable fusible adhesive sheets because I can skip the tedious tracing and get right to the fun part– choosing fabric!

The pattern pieces have already been reversed so just trace or print them as they are.

Roughly cut all the pieces out, leaving a little extra all the way around each piece.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for time and steam, fuse the pieces to the back of the fabric. (I use Heat & Bond Lite for all my quilts.)

Cut each piece out neatly. Cut directly on the solid lines. Leave a little extra seam allowance (roughly 1/4”) past all the dotted lines. Those bits will tuck behind other pieces for a nice, neat finish.

Trace the features onto the front side of the face pieces. If you hold it up to a window you’ll be able to easily see the features shining through.

I like to trace a little inside the eyes and nostrils– just so I have a rough guide where to position those pieces– and trace right over the line for the mouth. I just use a fine-tip sharpie or a pencil, nothing fancy.

Peel off the paper backing and arrange the pieces as shown. Line the bottom of the shoulders up with the bottom edge of the block. Remember: the dotted lines show which pieces tuck behind other pieces.

(I quilted my background block to the batting before I started, so that’s what you see here. You can find more info about the “quilt as you go” (QAYG) method I use here.)

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for time and steam, fuse the pieces to the background fabric. Important note: For some brands the fuse time and steam settings for fusing fabric to fabric are different from the time and steam setting to fuse the paper to the fabric. Check your package.

Stitch around each piece as desired.

I like to use a simple straight stitch with black thread. (I go over the mouth three times for an extra thick line.) It’s a great cartoony look that suits my designs, and it holds up very well through multiple washings. Some people prefer the look of a zigzag or blanket stitch. It’s all good!

Trim the block to size if it’s for a quilt, or proceed with whatever other awesome thing you’re making.

Here you can see my block in the Woodland Critters quilt

Have fun with it!

Woodland Critters quilt with added free moose block

Happy quilting!


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  1. Dianne SAYS...

    Thank you very much for the moose pattern. I’ll be sure to include it in my Woodland Creatures quilt!

  2. Jennifer Collins SAYS...

    I never knew I needed a moose until now. Now it is THE next block I shall be making. Thank you!

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  4. Chelsea SAYS...

    Do you sell these quilts? I’m not a quilter but I love it!!

  5. Irene SAYS...

    This is just adorable!!!! 🙂

      • Yvonne Dunn SAYS...

        Thank you Wendi for the moose!! What a wonderful addition to the woodland critters! I love it. I took your Craftsy class and just completed this quilt! I love, love, love it. It was so much fun to see our woodland animals come to life

    • Ashley SAYS...

      The link for the moose no longer works. Is there another way to get the pattern?

  6. Kim Bagby SAYS...

    Just finished the MOOSE! I live on a ranch in Montana and every winter we see lots of moose! This is my favorite!

  7. Diane Isaac SAYS...

    How do I get the pattern to make this whole quilt please❤️

  8. Lori Stroebel SAYS...

    Oh Yay! I’m in the midst of making the Woodland Critters quilt and really love the moose! Glad I saw this. Probably not a woodland critter – but any plans for a hedgehog?

    • Yes – but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I have more plans in my sketchbook than I’ll ever be able to sew in real life. 😛

  9. Lila SAYS...

    This moose is soooooooooooooooo cute! I can’t wait to put him together.
    Thank you.

  10. Cori SAYS...

    In the middle of making a woodlands quilt and love this addition. Thank you for the pattern!

  11. Lori SAYS...

    There doesn’t seem to be a working link to download this pattern.

    • Anonymous SAYS...

      It wont work for me either 🙁

  12. Caitlyn SAYS...

    Is the moose pattern still available anywhere? The link doesn’t seem to be working. He is so cute!

  13. ashley s Rhea-tomblin SAYS...

    Is it possible to post the pattern here. The other link no longer works and it is so darling

  14. Kelly Brown SAYS...

    Please Help! I love the woodland preachers pattern and I’m almost done and I happen to come across the Moose pattern, and now my quilt wouldn’t be complete without it, but it won’t download. Please help. SO cute! Thanks

  15. Rhonda O'Neill SAYS...

    I bought the woodland patterns today but the I cant get to the link of the moose 😢

    • I just updated the post – the pattern’s back. 🙂

  16. Cj SAYS...

    No link would come up to open the moose appliqué pattern. In fact most of the “get your FREE pattern here” links brought me to a pattern that cost at least $14.95!!! I have found nothing on this website that is free! And that is the exact word that drew me into your site. I have bought a lot of quilting patterns as well as other quilting products. But I hate a website with FALSE advertising!!!

    • The moose pattern is hosted on a different site that’s experiencing some technical difficulties right now. I hope they get them sorted out soon. This site (Shiny Happy World) has over 100 free patterns, and hundreds of free tutorials and workshops. Some of the free patterns CAN be used with patterns available for purchase (like the tote bag patterns, for example) but they can also be used with some of the free single block applique patterns. If you have found nothing on this website that’s free, you’re not really looking. 🙂

  17. Lois SAYS...

    What type of fabric do u suggest. As I’m just starting with this project

    • Regular quilting cotton is easiest for beginners.

  18. Denise Newman SAYS...

    Thank you for another lovely pattern.

  19. Chris SAYS...

    Love the moose