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Easy Doll Clothes Patterns – Shirt, Shorts and Skirt – Free!

Easy doll clothes patterns - tutorials for a free shirt, shorts and skirt

New easy (and free!) doll clothes patterns for the Dress Up Bunch!

I redesigned the Play Clothes pattern for the Dress Up Bunch to get rid of the set-in sleeves and fussy collar facing on the shirt. Yay! The new shirt is so much easier to make!

These are the basic doll clothes patterns that are included with all of the human dolls so I was looking at replacing it in Every Single Doll Pattern – which would take forever. Instead I decided to just make it free for everyone!

Download the pattern pieces here.

Click here to jump to the skirt pattern.

Use 1/4″ for all seam allowances unless otherwise noted.

Doll Shirt Pattern

Step 1

Join the 2 shirt pattern pieces into one and cut it out. Place the shirt and shirt lining fabric right sides together and cut the single shirt pattern piece out of them at the same time. That way the pieces lines up perfectly. 🙂 .

Easy doll clothes - cut shirt pieces

It’s a weird-looking pattern. Here are some quick labels to help you make sense of it.

Please note! This pattern only works with non-directional fabric. Since it’s all one piece, whatever is right side up on the front will be upside down on the back – so choose something that looks good both ways. Those fizzy, swirly polkadots are from the perfectly-named Pop collection from Timeless Treasures, and the shirt lining and shorts are in my favorite Sketch.

Step 2

Sew the main shirt and lining (right sides together) up one front side, around the neck, and down the other side. Clip the curves and corners.

Easy doll clothes patterns - sew shirt neck

This video has tips for handling tight curves, and also info on the how and why of clipping curves.

Step 3

Turn the shirt right side out.

Easy doll clothes patterns - turn shirt right side out and smooth neck

Carefully smooth out the curve around the neck, poke out the corners, and press. From this point on you’ll treat the two layers of fabric as one.

Step 4

Hem the sleeves. Turn up the raw edge 1/4” and press. Turn it up another 1/4” and press. Stitch the hem in place.

Easy doll clothes patterns - shirt instructions

You can hem to the outside, so the contrasting lining shows (like I did) or hem to the inside for a more traditional finish.

Easy doll clothes patterns - shirt instructions

Here’s a closer look at one of my sleeve hems.

Here’s a little trick so you don’t have to measure that skinny 1/4 inch. Sew the two layers together 1/4” from the raw edge. Use that stitching line as a guide for turning up the first 1/4.” No measuring! Then turn the second 1/4” and stitch.

Step 5

With the shirt inside out, sew the underarm/side seam.

Free doll clothes patterns - easy shirt instructions

Start sewing at the armhole so that edge is perfectly lined up and finish at the shirt bottom. Any unevenness there will be hidden once it’s hemmed. Clip the seam allowance in the curve.

Step 6

Turn the shirt right side out and press.

Free doll clothes patterns - easy shirt instructions

Almost finished!

Step 7

Hem the shirt bottom the same way you did the sleeves in Step 4.

Free doll clothes patterns - easy shirt instructions

Step 8

Press everything and add three snaps. I like using these pretty colored snaps.

Free doll clothes patterns - easy shirt with cute, colorful snaps

For the youngest doll-owners you might want to use velcro instead. I have special skinny hook & loop tape ideal for doll clothes in the shop. And if you’re extra fancy you can use buttons. 🙂

Finished! But your doll can’t just wear a shirt!

Mollie - a Dress Up Bunch doll wearing two easy (and free) doll clothes patterns.

You can find instructions for a super easy doll skirt here

Doll Shorts Pattern

Step 1

Cut out two shorts pieces. Unlike the shirt – this fabric can be directional. 🙂

Free doll clothes patterns - instructions for easy shorts

Hem the bottom of the two shorts pieces. Turn the raw edge up 1/2″ and press. Turn it up another 1/2″ and press. Stitch the hem in place.

Step 2

Sew the center back seam using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Free doll clothes patterns - the easy shorts includes instructions for leaving a tail opening

If you want critters with tails to be able to wear the shorts, leave the tail opening (as marked on the pattern piece) unstitched. Make sure to backstitch at the top and bottom of the opening.

Step 3

Press the center back seam open.

Free doll clothes patterns - the easy shorts includes instructions for leaving a tail opening

If you are leaving a tail opening, stitch a box around the opening to stabilize it.

Step 4

Start to make the casing for the elastic. Turn the raw edge at the top of the shorts down 1/2″. Press. Turn it down another 1/2″. Press.

Free doll clothes patterns - instructions for easy shorts

Don’t sew this yet. It’s just easier to measure and press when it’s one flat piece.

Step 5

Unfold the casing creases you made in Step 4.

Free doll clothes patterns - instructions for easy shorts

Match up the center front edges and sew, using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 6

Refold the casing creases and stitch it down almost all the way around the top of the shorts.

Free doll clothes patterns - instructions for easy shorts

Leave a couple of inches open at the center back seam so you can get the elastic in.

Step 7

Cut a 12″ piece of 3/8″ elastic and thread it through the casing. Overlap the ends of the elastic 1 inch and sew them together. Slip the stitched elastic up into the casing and finish sewing the casing closed.

Free doll clothes patterns - easy shorts tutorial

Watch this video for more info on using elastic in a waistband.

Step 8

Sew up the inseam/crotch of the shorts using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Free doll clothes patterns - easy shorts tutorial

Press anything you can get to with the iron. 🙂


Free doll clothes patterns - finished shorts from the front - super easy

And here’s a view from the back.

Free doll clothes patterns - finished shorts from the back - there's room for wagging tails!

It’s Spot the Puppy wearing these and he likes to have room for his tail to wag. 🙂

So there you have it – three basic doll clothes patterns – all super easy and free. The shirt, skirt and shorts will fit any of the Dress Up Bunch dolls.

Happy sewing!

That's me!

Easy Doll Clothes Patterns - a shirt, skirt and pair of short that all fir the Dress Up Bunch cloth dolls

The Dress Up Bunch is a collection of cute and cuddly rag dolls. Get patterns for the dolls, plus all their fun outfits and accessories!


  1. Rhonda SAYS...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Migdalia Cosme SAYS...

    I have a new Sewing machine. I noticed the three “thimble” levels. I feel as though there should be one before the first one. Still trying to read the start instructions.

    This pattern is so cute!

    thank you,

    • Susan SAYS...

      Thanks so much for the cute patterns!!

  3. Debbie SAYS...

    Thank you so much for this pattern. My Granddaughter and I made this outfit and she loved helping me and having it for her dolls.

  4. Sara Reid SAYS...

    Thanks for this. I am excited to get started making some clothes!

  5. Julie Carpenter SAYS...

    What size is this doll for?

  6. Emma SAYS...

    I love this dolls shirt and have attempted it 3 times, oh my goodness can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? I have done step 2 but can’t turn it inside out to look like yours. When I sew up the sides and around the neck it is impossible to turn it inside out again to look the same!


    • Did you clip the curves around the neck? If you don’t clip them it’s impossible to turn that neck right side out smoothly. Your snips need to go right up to (but not into!) the stitching line and they need to be closer together at the sides – where the curve is tightest. The photo in Step 2 shows how to snip.

    • Shirley Stashko SAYS...

      Step 5 of the shirt instructions confused me, too. It tells you to turn it inside out and sew the side seams. It would be better if it said to put right sides together and sew the side seams. You don’t actually turn it inside out.

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  8. Steph SAYS...

    Hi, thanks for these lovely patterns. I have never managed to follow a pattern so am delighted that I made a pair of shorts. I remembered to reduce the length of them for our Brownie doll but forgot about the width so she looks like MC Hammer! Thank you again.

  9. Dolly Welch SAYS...

    Thank you for the tips. Your patterns are easy to follow and quick to sew.

  10. Could you please tell me what sized doll this I am looking for patterns to fit a 15” doll. Thanks, Joan

    • These fit Dress Up Bunch ragdolls which are 17 inches tall.

  11. Vicki Russell SAYS...


    Do you still have these patterns I am having downloading them could you email them to me.

    Vicki Russell

    • I just checked and the link is working properly. maybe it was a temporary glitch? Please give it another try and if you still run into problems try updating your browser. You can go to to see if there’s an update available.

  12. Lorna SAYS...

    Thanks for the tutorial and dimple explanations.