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Meet Stacey – a Judge in the Mix & Match Monsters Contest

Stacey Trock - one of the judges in the Mix & Match Monsters Contest at Shiny Happy World

Meet Stacey Trock – one of the judges in the Mix & Match Monster Contest.

Stacey is The Queen of Crocheted Cuteness!

I’ve known how to do basic crochet since I was a kid, but I was limited to afghans and scarves. Stacey taught me how to make things that are not flat!

Crocheting in the Round: Mix & Match Hats with Stacey Trock

I learned how to make hats in her Mix & Match Hats class on Craftsy – and now I can make crochet hats in lots of different shapes, customized to fit any head!

I went a step further and learned how to make adorable monsters in her Design Your Own Monster class on Craftsy.

Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster Craftsy Class

See why she’s the perfect judge for Mix & Match Monsters? 🙂

Of course, Stacey doesn’t just have Craftsy classes! She sells digital crochet patterns in her shop, like this adorable slug.

Awesome crochet slug pattern from Fresh Stitches

And I think she might like rainbows as much as I do!

Rainbow monster made with a crochet pattern from Fresh Stitches.

Stacey is pretty famous for her clubs, and she’s launching a brand new one this December.

Fresh Stitches Club

You can learn more about the club here. I’m already sold based on the cuteness of that image. 🙂

You can find all of Stacey’s awesomeness at Fresh Stitches. (Update! FreshStitches is now a part of Shiny Happy World!)

And did I mention that she’s going to be a judge in the Mix & Match Monsters Contest?

Here’s the nutshell version. . .

  1. Go to Sew Mama Sew to get the free Mix & Match Monsters pattern and instructions.
  2. Make a fun monster.
  3. Take a picture.
  4. Post your monster here before noon (eastern time) on August 18.
  5. Vote for your favorites!

Enter! I can’t wait to see what you make!

Cute monsters make me happy. 🙂

Happy sewing!