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Crochet: Back Loop vs. Both Loops + Video

This post was originally published April 28, 2015… but it’s so popular that I’ve updated it and added a video!

Crocheting is so much fun because there are so many options! Even a simple single crochet gives you the option of crocheting through the front loop, both loops or the back loop!

crocheting through the back loop

Today, I’ll show you where to insert your hook for the most two popular techniques: the back and both loops. I’ll also link to some posts that you might find helpful… and included a video tutorial at the end!

how to count the number of stitches in a round, crochet tutorial by FreshStitches

The Back Loop

Every stitch is a V laying on its side. Do you see the V in the above photo? The back loop refers to the top leg of this V.

crocheting through the back loop

To use this technique, insert your hook where I’ve put a black dot in this photo:

crocheting through the back loop

Why the back loop?

Crocheting through the back loop is my favorite! You’ll want to read this blog post that outlines all of the advantages!

Both Loops

The term ‘both loops’ refers to both the back and front loops. This is the ‘standard’ when a pattern doesn’t specifically reference any loops. This is the entire V:

both loops

To use this technique, insert your hook where I’ve put a black dot in this photo:

insert both loops


I know it can be hard to picture what these variations look like when you’re actually crocheting, so I’ve recorded a video for you!

What’s it look like in the end?

You’ll want to have a look at this blog post where I show you photos of how each technique looks, in the round and in rows!

Which is your favorite?


  1. WES SAYS...

    Just an FYI Stacy not sure if something is up with your software, but this post and your site is not rendering very well in either Firefox or Chrome.

    But I do love the post 🙂

    • WES SAYS...

      Oh andy sorry about that typo in your name. Eeek.

    • Hi Wendy! There was an issue a few days ago, but I think I’ve fixed it. I suspect that some ISPs may be showing a cached version of my site.. should clear up in a day or two! And no worries about the name, happens all the time 🙂

  2. YarnAddict411 SAYS...

    Hey Stacey It depends ont eh project if I do both loops FLO or BLO. The patterns often just suggest which to use and can be greatly enhansed using a BLO or a FLO stitch replacement in many cases and the projects turns out much better . But there are times when on like to use tboth for strength and the loss of hand and softness is not a great issue. I make nearly all the baby bnlankets I make in either BLO or Post stitches if its not SC. But then I alternate FPO to BPO for elasticity and thckness and teh softness is kinda built into the yarn. If I crochet cloths (not socks) I normally use BLO except hats too. I do everything on hats. Choice I guess I like BLO but dont dislike both loops for some projects.

    Yarn on JoeL