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Think BIG! Fun and Easy Giant Applique Class

Fox applique fabric pieces (unassembled) and blue scissors

Think BIG is here!

It’s a brand new class covering everything you need to know to do GIANT applique.

  • How to enlarge any applique pattern to any size you like – including an easy formula
  • How to work with that giant pattern
  • What to do when the pattern pieces are bigger than the biggest fusible adhesive you can buy
  • What to do when your applique is way bigger than your ironing board

You’ll get general information that you can use for any applique of any size for any project – but you’ll also get all the pattern pieces and instructions to make four fun projects.

Make a BIG poster.

large blue applique cat on pink background with words Don't forget to have Fun!

You’ll get the giant cat pattern, the alphabet, and the instructions to make a big poster.

I made this reminder to hang in my new studio – but you can make anything you like! This would be a great project for a new baby. Make a baby quilt, then enlarge your favorite block from the quilt to make a matching poster with baby’s name and birth date!

Make a BIG pillow.

Giant applique Fox pillow from the Think BIG Giant Applique Class from Shiny Happy World

You’ll get the giant fox pattern plus all the instructions to make a big pillow. Mine is 26 inches square – but the class includes instructions to enlarge to any size you like. Make a big floor pillow to match one of the blocks in your favorite applique quilt!

Make a BIG bunny baby quilt.

Big Bunny applique Baby Quilt from the Think BIG Applique Class from Shiny Happy World

This bunny quilt is fast and easy. You can make it in a day! The corner bunnies are “normal” 10 inch blocks and the center medallion is a whopping 30 inches square. The class includes instructions for easy peasy Quilt As You Go construction. You could easily adapt the pattern to work with any applique design in your stash, to match any nursery theme – but you’ll get the bunny pattern in both sizes.

Make a BIG napping quilt.

Big Lap Quilt with giant yellow applique dog from the Think BIG Applique Class from Shiny Happy World

Whoa! Look at that giant version of my Augie Dog! It’s way WAY bigger than the original. 🙂

You’ll get the full-sized puppy pattern plus complete instructions to make a 50 x 60 inch napping-size quilt – my favorite size for curling up on the couch. Using Quilt As You Go doesn’t make much sense for a quilt made of one HUGE block, so I include a video with tips for quilting it.

Of course, the class includes instructions to enlarge any block to size for a quilt like this. I’ve already had one reader suggest a quilt with a single “doll” from the Paper Dolls quilt, enlarged to be the same size as your child or grandchild. What a brilliant idea!

By the end of the class you’ll be able to adapt ANY applique design to ANY size you like – and add huge fun to all your favorite patterns. 🙂

Sign up for the class here.

Happy quilting!

Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World


  1. Jane Hill SAYS...

    I this class at a time or is it an online course with videos that we can stream in our own time. I live in New Zealand and the time difference and my work can get in the way of a specific time and time frame.

    • It’s an online class that you can stream any time you like, at your own pace. You can watch it as many times as you like and it never expires. 🙂